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bathroom chores for kids by age

Getting kids to help with bathroom chores isn't easy, especially in the beginning. Besides, how much help can you realistically expect from a child?

These bathroom chores for kids by age can help you set realistic standards.

However, you'll want to be there the first time your child tackles a new task, regardless of age. These chores for kids by age can help get the cleaning started.

bathroom chores for ages 2 and under:

  • Put the seat down on the toilet and flush.
  • Put dirty clothes in the hamper if the top is low enough.
  • Help rinse out the tub.
  • Hang up towel (on hook).
  • Put tub toys in bins or drawers.

ages 3 to 5:

Previous chores, plus:

  • Put tub toys in the proper nets or bins.
  • Rinse out the sink after use.

ages 6 to 9:

Previous chores, plus:

  • Rinse out the tub.
  • Wipe up spills.
  • Squeegee the shower.
  • Hang up towel (on towel rack).
  • Sweep or vacuum floor and damp-mop any spills.
  • Wipe smudges from walls and door.
  • Empty and wipe wastebasket clean, using disinfecting wipes.
  • Wash inside and outside of cabinets.

ages 10 to 13:

Previous chores, plus:

  • Disinfect countertops.
  • Wipe chrome fixtures and mirrors clean.
  • Clean the shower.
  • Mop the floor.
  • Disinfect light switches and doorknobs.

chores for teens:

Previous chores, plus:

  • Wipe down walls.
  • Clean shower curtain.
  • Disinfect the sink and drain.

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