Family bathroom cleaning
and organizing tips

how to clean combs and brushes in 4 easy steps.

Clean hair brushes and combs keep your hair clean longer by ensuring you're not adding lint or fluff to your hair after washing it.

The bristles have a nasty habit of grabbing and holding dust, dirt, and hair styling products.

The good news: weekly cleanings are both quick and easy.

All you need is shampoo, running water, and a toothpick (for really settled-in hairbrush hair). 

Here's how the cleaning program shakes out.

how long does makeup last?

Some things last forever.

Makeup isn't one of them. Unlike diamonds, it expires. Yes, sadly, it's true.

Those expiration dates on cosmetics are not a marketing ploy to get you to buy more eye make up when you can still scrape some definition out of your old mascara tube.

It's a safety issue. Especially with eye makeup.

Every time you wand on that mascara and dip the brush back in the tube, you transfer bacteria from your eye to the tube, where it will make baby bacteria that you will then reapply to your eyes the next day.

It's not a beautiful cycle of life. You wouldn't eat food past its expiration date, would you? Well, guys would, but would you? Don't wear cosmetics past their prime, either.

Most cosmetics are formulated to have a shelf life of one to three years when stored according to directions. Here's how long you can expect your new makeup products to last once you've opened them.

how to unclog a sink.

When you have a clogged drain, pouring liberal doses of very hot water down the drain will often help by melting greasy clogs away.

If that doesn't cut it, here are three ways you can unclog the sink yourself in 3 easy steps.

Not only will you save money by not hiring an expensive plumbing service to do the simple work for you, but you'll save time by not having to spend half your day waiting for your plumber to make an expensive appearance.

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