3 Garage Storage solutions

Some things need to be accessible at all times; other things we see only every 10 years when we move, but we want to keep them anyway.

Think of your self storage here and plan to organize it into three distinct categories, based on how often you'll need access to these items.

1. Short-Term Storage.

This is for things you'll need in the next three months, or things that you need intermittently, such as items you buy in bulk.

Short-term storage also includes items that you don't use often but need to keep handy, such as boots, flashlights, and umbrellas. This is the place for plastic stacking storage bins, metal shelving units, or simple storage shelves.

2. Mid-Term Storage.

These are things you use seasonally, such as holiday decorations, grills, hammocks, and snowboards and skis.

Store these items on low storage racks, an overhead storage unit, lofts or stack them in self storage boxes, but don't push them all the way to the back.

3. Long-Term Storage.

These are things you don't really need but can't part with, either, such as old tax records, your daughter's first dress, your children's artwork, mementos, and family treasures that you can't stand but will pass down anyway.

Put these item in the dark, back, inaccessible corners, in ceiling storage racks, or on overhead wire shelving.

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