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5 tips to organize storage

These 5 tips to organize storage can help whether you have an attic, a loft in the garage, or boxes stacked against the basement walls. 

With this easy-to-use storage system, you can even track boxes stored in various closets.

 What You'll Need:

  • Sturdy storage containers;
  • A permanent marker;
  • A pen or pencil;
  • Paper or notebook.

1. organize storage containers by category.

Categories could include items such as dishes, holiday decor, kids' clothes and important paperwork.  Each category requires separate storage containers. For example, you might have three dishes containers, four holiday containers, five kids' clothes containers, and two paperwork containers.

2. label storage containers so you can find them later.

Label the categories Dishes, Holidays, Kids' Clothes, etc., on five sides in large letters with a permanent marker. (That's every side except the bottom.) Then assign each of the storage containers in each category a number. For example, Dishes 1, Dishes 2, Holiday 1, Holiday 2.

3. divide the storage space into as many parts as you have categories.

You don't have to actually divide the space physically; just imagine your attic, loft, or garage divided into four parts. Then assign an area of the room for each category.

For example, holiday decoration go in the southeast corner of the basement, kid's clothes in the northeast corner.

Once you've assigned each of your categories an area of the room, sketch (no artist rendering required here, just a rough area map will do) the storage area, and note where each category resides.

4. on the same page, list each box and its contents.

On the same page, list each storage container and its contents (Dishes 2, Holiday 6, etc.) If you add more storage containers to a category, you can just add a number (Dishes 3, Holiday 7).

5. note how many storage containers you have in each category.

Note the number of storage containers in each category. That way, when you retrieve things, you'll know if you have them all.

Now, when you want to find a special holiday decoration, all you have to do is consult your list (it's in Holiday 4) and your map. (Holiday is near the southeast corner of the basement.) And so can your family!

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