Smelly basement in a new house

by Courtney

Our new house has an unfinished, wet basement (concrete floors with multiple drains). Now that it is getting warmer, the smell is getting very strong. It also seems like a dog used it as a bathroom from the smell.

What can I do to get rid of the smell? I have tried scrubbing the floors with orange dish soap, and Mr. Clean. Will bleach work better? Is there something I can put down there to help soak up the smell? I had read charcoal, but not sure if it will work?

I am almost 7 months pregnant and my baby shower is at my house in a month! I am desperate!

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Jun 12, 2017
Damp Basement
by: Peachy Clean

Don't forget the dehumidifier. Mold is what is causing the basement to smell. Mold can only grow where there is moisture. The most important thing is to purchase a dehumidifier (or 2) and run them on high until most of the humidity is out of the air.

Jun 10, 2017
How to Get Your Basement Odor-Free and Baby Shower Ready
by: Tara, Clean-Organized-Family-Home

Hi Courtney,

Basements are usually dark, damp, and humid – the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew – and the likely the cause of the musty smell.

The good news is that it’s relatively simple to eliminate the smell so you don’t have to let it ruin your baby shower or your enjoyment of your new home.

You were on the right track with your solutions – specifically the use of bleach and charcoal. Together they can help eliminate the cause of the smell and absorb the lingering odors. Here’s how:

1. Open the basement windows and doors to air out the smell and provide circulation and ventilation.

2. Mop the concrete floor with a bleach and water solution (1-gallon water and 1 cup chlorine bleach). Bleach is the only cleaner that can actually kill mold and mildew, thereby getting rid of the cause of the odor. Let dry overnight or run fans in the basement for several hours. Or both.

3. Scatter handfuls of charcoal briquettes throughout the basement. The active ingredients in charcoal will eliminate lingering odors without dangerous chemicals – a very important consideration for you with a little one on the way!

Good luck!

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