How to Create a Housecleaning Timetable

how to create a cleaning schedule that gets all the dirtiest areas in your home clean.

What is the best housecleaning timetable for you?

When it comes to a cleaning schedule, there aren't any hard and fast rules that apply to everyone.

That's because each home has different traffic patterns, and different amounts of time spent at home each day.

But you can easily determine a housecleaning schedule that will provide you with the clean home you want, without without overtaking your life. 

Start creating your cleaning schedule by breaking down the big home cleaning jobs into manageable tasks you can tackle:

  • Daily;
  • Weekly;
  • Monthly;
  • Seasonally;
  • Annually.

Adjust your house cleaning list as needed to suit your home's cleaning requirements - and your family's time available for cleaning. Don't forget to adjust your cleaning schedule for deep cleaning, which often requires a bigger block of your time.

Grab your cleaning supplies and get ready to streamline your cleaning schedule.

1. Daily Housecleaning timetable.

in the kitchen:

  • Wash dishes.
  • Damp-mop any spills.
  • Rinse sink clean after each use.
  • Put dishes in dishwasher (or hand-wash after use.)
  • Wipe clean kitchen table, counters, and cook top or range.
  • Wipe down interior of the microwave.

in the bedroom:

  • Make bed.

in the bathroom:

  • Squeegee shower (or sponge-clean the tub).
  • Wipe down counter tops after use.
  • Hang up towels.

2. Weekly HouseKeeping.

throughout the house:

  • Sort, wash, and fold laundry.
  • Vacuum carpets.
  • Dust furniture, shelves, and lamp shades.
  • Wash out kitchen trash container and surrounding area.
  • Wipe leather furniture with a soft cloth.
  • Shake area rugs, depending on size.


  • Clean telephones, computer and laptop screens, TV screens, video-game controllers and remote controls.


  • Change bed linens.
  • Empty garbage can.
  • Hang up clothes, tidy the closet.


  • Mop floors.
  • Wipe chrome fixtures, clean mirrors.
  • Put out fresh towels and soap.

3. Monthly Housekeeping.

throughout the house:

  • Vacuum furniture and curtains.
  • Sweep and tidy up the garage.
  • Wipe down walls of fingerprints, spills.



  • Wash shower curtain.
  • Organize closets and clothes.

4. Seasonal Cleaning.

throughout the house:

  • Sweep the patio and porch.
  • Clean the dryer's exhaust vent.


  • Turn and vacuum mattresses.

5. Yearly housekeeping timetable.

  • Scrub or strip and wax floors.
  • Wash and polish wood furniture.
  • Change furnace filters.
  • Dust and vacuum corners and crevices from high point to low.
  • Remove dust ruffles from beds to wash or dry-clean.
  • Check washing machine hoses. Replace if they're older than two years.
  • Vacuum heating vents and ducts.
  • Reseal wood floors.

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