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how to get windows clean
in 3 easy steps

To get windows clean isn't nearly as easy as it seems, as anyone who's ever tried to rush through a window cleaning job knows.

A hurried window washing usually results in windows look worse than they did before the cleaning, what with all the missed spots and streaks.

Take a more orderly approach to window cleaning next time. You'll be rewarded with clean windows, done right the first time.

You'll need the following supplies:

  • a window squeegee;
  • a window washing solution (make your own green cleaning solution with white distilled vinegar diluted in water, placed in a spray bottle);
  • a clean, lint-free rag or paper towels.

1. to get windows clean, start by spraying the washing solution directly onto a rag - not the window.

To get windows clean, start by spraying the window washing solution lightly on a rag or paper towel - not directly on the glass surface. It's difficult to clean the entire surface thoroughly when you're racing to catch up with the dripping glass cleaner.

Now, wipe the glass surface using horizontal strokes, starting at the top. Be sure to overlap areas as you clean to make sure you don't leave any visible gaps. Little gaps become big eyesores once the rest of the area is clean.

2. use a squeegee to dry the window.

Now it's time to remove the the glass cleaning solution.

easy window cleaning tips.Dry windows with a squeegee using horizontal strokes.

As all of us who have painstakingly cleaned glass know, few things are more frustrating than having a window look worse after we've spent time and effort on our window cleaning.

Using a window squeegee, wipe the glass - again using horizontal strokes - applying a fair amount of pressure on the surface as you go.

It's actually a lot like cleaning your car windshield if that helps. This motion will help ensure every drop of cleaner is removed, leaving you with a clean, clear finish.

3. for extra sparkle, polish the window dry with crumpled newspaper.

For extra sparkle, polish the surface when it's nearly dry with a crumpled up piece of newspaper. The ink used in some papers may smudge the glass when it's wet, so try this first in a small area before buffing the entire surface.

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