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The Clean-zine, Issue #16 - Spring Clean Your Closet
April 01, 2014

Spring is here! It's time to finish up spring cleaning with an organized closet so that you can really enjoy the warmer days ahead.

If you're enjoying the seasonal blooms, consider planting bulbs in your garden that can provide you with flowers year-round.

Finally, set aside a little time now to keep your home's systems and surfaces clean and running smoothly with the April Housecleaning Checklist.


1. Spring Clean Your Closet

2. A Year of Bulbs

3. April Housecleaning Checklist

Spring Clean Your Closet

The air is getting warmer. The freesias have pushed up along the sidewalk. And you are just beginning to believe that Spring might actually be near.

Before the weather beckons you outside, spend at least one more day inside - and give your closet a good spring cleaning.

This is the perfect opportunity to clean and put away winter clothes and get your summer clothes in gear. Sound overwhelming? No problem. Just take it step by step.

Most people (unless they live in Miami) have a summer wardrobe and a winter wardrobe - even if the word "wardrobe" sounds a bit fancy for the clothing in their closets.

To maximize closet space - and your clothes' lifespan - tuck the winter clothes in for a good summer's rest.

Go through all your clothes and divide them into 5 distinct piles:

1. Clothes that are clean, in good condition, and that you'll definitely wear this summer.

2. Clothes that need cleaning.

3. Clothes that need repair.

4. Winter clothes.

5. Clothes that you have outgrown or never wear.

You know the drill here. Donate the outgrown or never worn clothing. Clean and repair the rest. Box up the winter clothes for a rest.

While the closet is empty, vacuum it well and wipe down all the shelves.

Now you have a closet ready for clothes that you are actually going to wear. What a concept!

Here's how to take the best care of what you have left.

Read the full spring clean your closet article here.

A Year of Bulbs

The word "bulbs" brings to mind the stately tulips and cheerful daffodils that grace spring gardens. But bulbs can provide color in the garden year round.

Not only do various bulbs flower in the spring, summer, and autumn, but if you take advantage of indoor gardening, you can even enjoy bulbs such as hyacinth, amaryllis, and narcissus during the winter months.

Many bulbs are not actually bulbs at all - they're corms or tubers. Corms and bulbs are very similar. They store everything they need for plant growth inside. All you have to do is plant them at the right season and give them a little water. Tubers, such as dahlias and begonias, are essentially enlarged roots. All usually go dormant after flowering.

Hardy bulbs, which bloom in the spring, are cold tolerant and can be left in the ground over winter. In fact, they often need a little cold to jolt them into growth.

People in warm climates such as Florida have to put their bulbs in the refrigerator for a month or so before planting for their botanical wake-up call. These bulbs are usually planted in the fall.

Tender bulbs, corms, and tubers usually flower in the summer and spring and must be dug up and stored during the winter. In very mild climates, however, you can just leave them in the ground.

Many bulbs even naturalize - which means they multiply all by themselves underground. So plant a dozen daffodils this year and with luck, you could enjoy two dozen next year.

Here are some bulbs to consider for each season of the year.

Read the full article on a year of bulbs here.

April Home Checklist

April Checklist: 10 things to include in your home cleaning and preventative maintenance program this month to keep your home well-maintained.

1. Hearth Patrol. Clean the fireplace. Empty ashes. Clean gas jets in hearth.

2. Good As New. Oil fireplace accessories.

3. Daylight Savings Time Means... Check smoke alarm batteries.

4. Take a Walk on the Outside. Check the exterior for any areas needing repair or paint.

5. Good-bye, Winter! Take down storm doors and windows.

Read the full April Home Checklist article here.

Have a great month!

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