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The Clean-zine, Issue #24: How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Alive
December 01, 2014


1. 7 Tips for Keeping Your Christmas Tree Alive Until Santa Comes

2. How to Care for Christmas Plants

3. December Housecleaning Checklist

7 Tips for Keeping Your Christmas Tree Alive Until Santa Comes

Most species of evergreen trees hold up well if you buy them fresh in your neighborhood or from a local nursery. Simply choose the type of tree you like best.

Wait to buy your tree until two weeks before December 25 (if you possibly can). Is it better to buy pre cut trees (the ones in the lot or shop) or to cut your own tree at a Christmas tree farm? Trees are fresher if you march out to the farm and cut it yourself.

Once you bring it home, these 7 tips for keeping your Christmas tree alive can help.

How to Care for Christmas Plants

There are some plants inextricably linked to Christmas. Oh sure, there's the Christmas tree. And the old standby, the poinsettia.

But there are also the little plants and flowers that guests keep showing up with - cyclamen, paper whites.

The guest presents the little Christmas flower (azalea, paper white, whatever) at the door - and the sprout really does look quite festive in his white wicker basket and bright red bow. But a week later, he's all slumped over looking like the Ghost of Christmas Past.

The problem is that a Christmas plant does not really want to be indoors at all. It wants to be outside - preferably in some tropical clime (don't we all?).

But under the right conditions, these festive gifts can survive a month inside - even with you. Here's a simple care guide to keeping 8 of the usual holiday plants alive till Santa comes.

December Home Checklist

Keep your home in tip-top condition this holiday season by making a home maintenance and cleaning checklist, and checking it twice before holiday guests arrive.

Get the December Home Maintenance Checklist here.

Have a fabulous holiday season!

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