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The CLEAN-zine, Issue #002 -- Creating Beach and Pool Survival Kits
June 05, 2009
Happy June!

Creating Beach and Pool Survival Kits

Summer time means fun in the sun and water time for elated-to-be-free kids and parents everywhere.

Every time the thermometer approaches 80 degrees, we know the kids will be clamoring to go swimming.

And we will - whenever possible, of course - most likely agree.

So why not be prepared for life's little joys - like a spur-of-the-moment trip to the beach or a moonlight swim at the community pool?

Make your life simpler (not to mention more fun) and increase pool or beach time by having a bag (actually a couple of bags - families rarely travel light) ready to rock so you can roll at a moment's notice.

The Essentials are in the Bag

1 A canvas parent bag. Pack sunglasses, hat or baseball cap, sunscreen (SPF 30), cover up, thongs or sandals, swimsuit, towel, lip balm (SPF 30 also), water-resistant watch, a good book or magazine and a zip-close bag inside which you can safely stash cash and the cell phone. Toss in a trash bag, too for wet suits and towels to ride in on the way home.

2 Teen- or pre-teen's duffel bag. Pack change of clothes, goggles, swimsuit, brush or comb (required equipment!), hat, towel, visor, iPod or other tunes device, ball, Frisbee or a good read for just hanging out.

3 Kids duffel bag. Swimsuit, change of clothes, hat, goggles, shovel and bucket, towel (plus an extra towel to cover up with for naptime). Water-resistant toys that don't make noise (this latter part is very important.

The piece de resistant?

Entertainment, of course. To that end, in a corner of the garage, I keep all the oversize water toys like colorful noodles, floats, shovel and bucket for sand castles, water wings and floaties for the pool. I let each kid grab one and deposit it in the trunk as we head out the door.

By keeping our water bags packed, we can be on the way to the beach or pool within minutes of someone suggesting it. When we get back home, I just rinse off the toys, wash the suits and towels, and re-pack for next time.
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