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The Clean-zine, Issue #10 - Making Halloween a Safe, Family Affair
October 01, 2013


1. How to Make Halloween a Safe, Family Affair

2. October Housecleaning Checklist

3. Tips for Halloween's Ghastly Stains

How to Make Halloween a Safe, Family Affair

Halloween is truly a scary holiday for parents.

It's hard to send (or even take!) your kids out into the dark with so many strange people roving the streets. The combination of costumes, masks, darkness, and traffic is definitely dangerous. There are accidents just waiting to happen.

But don't give up on the fall festivities. Just take some common-sense precautions:

Safety Tips for All Ages:

1. No pointy sticks as part of the costume. No swords, no wands. Nada.

2. Costumes should not drag on the ground. They create a nasty tripping hazard.

3. Costumes must include flashlights and/or glow sticks or flashing strobe lights.

4. Costumes must include sensible walking shoes. No princess heels tonight! Save those for the ball, Cinderella.

5. No skateboards, bikes, or roller blades. This is a pedestrian holiday.

6. Cross streets only at cross walks. And no running.

7. Stay on sidewalks. Don't cut across lawns or you could trip over flower beds, sprinklers, or bikes.

8. Go only to houses with porch lights on.

9. Do not pet strange animals. Even pets that you know may be over excited on this night. Read on for safety tips for tots, pet, and home safety.

October Housecleaning Checklist

October Home Checklist: 10 things to include in your home cleaning and preventative maintenance program this month to keep your home well-maintained.

1. Seasonal View. Clean your windows before winter sets in.

2. Cold Cure. Caulk around windows and doors to keep the cold air out and the warmth in.

3. Second Line of Defense. Put up storm windows and doors.

4. And Finally... Check insulation around windows and doors.

5. Help With the Hose. Get the kids to help you drain and store garden hoses. Continue reading the October Home Checklist here.

Tips for Halloween's Ghastly Stains

If you think everyday carpet and clothing stains are scary, wait until you see the tricky problems the (black) cat will drag in on Halloween.

Pumpkin mush on ghostly costumes. Ghastly guests dripping party punch on themselves and your carpet.

Party punch on carpet pile.

These seasonal spills can turn even the sweetest Snow White hostess into a thundering headless horseman.

Save your home's carpets, your costume investment -- your sanity -- this Halloween by being prepared for the ghastly spills, drips, drops, and plops in the night ahead. Read the full Halloween stain tips article here.

Enjoy the fall season and festivities this month!

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