all about dogs as pets for kids

It's all about dogs when it comes to finding the best pets for children.

It's hard to find a pet more loving, loyal, and easy to care for than dogs. And when it comes to loyalty and love, dogs give it back in spades.

At the beginning and the end of their lives, these gentle pets can be a lot of work.

That said, dogs are still great pets for kids. Here's why.

Why Dogs Make Good Family Pets: All About Dogs

Puppies need house training, and they need to learn the rules of the house. They chew up everything. They are rowdy and rambunctious.

With a puppy, you pretty much need someone at home for the first few months. Fortunately, they are adorable, too, so there’s a payoff.

Older pooches revert to puppyhood in many ways. They can’t hold their bladder as well as they used to. Accidents occur.

Dog care becomes much more time intensive. They may need multiple trips to the vet for health problems. (Consider pet insurance. Seriously.) 

The good news is that by this time, they’re part of the family, so you just bite the bullet and clean up after them just like you would for Uncle Harry. (I know, I hope he doesn't need me to, either.)

Choosing the Right Breed for Your Family

For the biggest payoff, get a long-lived canine so those golden years will be worth the effort on both ends. Small breeds tend to live longer than large breeds.

On the negative side, small breeds are often noisier and more frenetic than larger breeds.

If you are a control freak who wants to make the very best choice for your home, you may want to consider buying a purebred. If you have specific requirements, such as one that doesn’t shed a lot, look through breed books for canines that meet those requirements.

Consider Adopting from a Pet Shelter

If you don’t have your heart set on a specific dog breed, you can adopt at your local pet shelter. And you’ll be doing society a favor in the process.

You can find a pet that's calm, hyper, one that will protect your home and family, or a docile creature who simply curls up on your lap.

Whatever you want in a family dog - it's out there. And dog adoption is a relatively simple and inexpensive process.

A bit more dog info you should know before choosing your new pet: Large breeds usually need lots of exercise. And all canines need a good 20-minute walk daily. And unlike cats, you can’t just run off for the weekend and leave a pooch home alone. They're pack animals. They need people around. They also need to be walked, fed, and watered.

Think about how much  time and energy you have to give a canine an attentive, loving home before you say yes.

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