9 allergy relief cleaning tips

Seasonal allergies can reduce kids - and adults - to sniffling, sneezing, uncomfortable messes.

While we can't do a whole lot about outdoor allergy triggers - indoors, thankfully, is a different story.  A clean house will help everyone in your home breathe - and sleep - easier.

These 9 allergy relief cleaning tips can help.

  1   How to Reduce Dust in Your Home for Allergy Relief

Dust frequently with a damp cloth or a furniture-dusting product at least weekly, but shoot for daily during high pollen count days.

  2   What to Know About Carpets and Allergies

Carpet and allergies go hand in hand, as carpet fibers trap and hold dust and seasonal allergens.

If you or your kids have asthma or other severe allergies, ditch the carpeting in favor of bare floors. 

  3   Vacuum at Least Weekly to Remove Allergens

Vacuums floors and carpets at least weekly, especially during allergy season .Use a double-bagged, HEPA filtered vacuum or vacuum bags.

Use a double-bagged, HEPA filtered vacuum or vacuum bags. (Get more information on choosing a vacuum here.)

  4   Launder Curtains Regularly

Launder curtains regularly. Better yet, replace dust-magnet curtains with shades for year-round allergy relief. Avoid blinds - they're dust magnets, too. (If you do have blinds, and getting rid of them isn't an option, get the scoop on How to Clean Window Blinds here.)

  5   Get Rid of Dust Collectors in Your Home

Control clutter in your home because it provides places for dust mites, pet dander, and the detritus of allergy season to accumulate.

  • Get rid of dust collectors such as magazines, knickknacks, and stuffed animals, or store them in closed boxes or cloth bags
  • Store shoes, belts, and other small items in boxes, cloth or canvas bags

  6   Keep Dressers and Nightstands Clear of Clutter

Dressers and nightstands that are home to books, magazines, or stuffed animals can trap and hold dust and pollen during allergy season - even when the rest of the room looks clean. Go for the minimal look to keep allergens away.

  7   Launder Sheets and Pillowcases Weekly in Hot Water

Wash bedding and pajamas at least weekly in warm water and dry on the hottest setting - this second step is crucial to removing dust mites and allergens. Blankets, comforters and mattress pads should be washed monthly.

  8   Vacuum Both Sides of Mattresses Twice Monthly

Vacuum both sides of mattresses for two minutes at least twice monthly. This will reduce the dust and allergens nesting there, allowing everyone to breathe easier at night.

  9   Keep Pets Out of the Bedroom

Keep furry or feathered pets out of the bedroom. If one takes a catnap on the bed, wash the bedding as soon as possible.

Now enjoy your sniffle-free sleep!

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