bathroom cleaning tips

While bathroom cleaning might seem like a big, time-intensive job, it doesn't have to be. With these cleaning tips, daily buffing will take less time than brushing your teeth.

In general, every surface in your bathroom, with the exception of the mirror(s), can be cleaned with a single disinfectant cleaner. 

These bathroom cleaning tips will have you in and out in minutes rather than hours.

Essential Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

Bathroom cleaners and tools in blue cleaning caddy.

Disinfecting wipes stashed under the sink are the perfect way to quick-clean almost any surface in this busy room.

Don't forget the light switches and doorknobs. 

You can keep the bathroom smelling fresh between cleanings by placing a scented fabric softener sheet in the wastepaper basket. 

Or, put a dab of fragrance on a lightbulb. When the light is on, the heat releases the fresh scent.

Before you start cleaning, gather your arsenal of bathroom cleaning supplies. (These products should all be stored out of reach of little hands, naturally.)

  • Tub of disposable disinfecting wipes
  • Tub of disposable glass and window wipes for mirrors and fixtures
  • Ready-mop with disposable wet floor wipes
  • All-purpose nonabrasive cleaner
  • Scrub brush with a good grip for scouring tub and tile
  • Household squeegee (hung in the shower)
  • Toilet brush with caddy (choose an enclosed caddy that you can fill with an all-purpose cleaning solution to keep the brush fresh)

Now we'll cover each area of the bathroom in detail: the sink area, the tub and shower area, and the toilet area. 

Bathroom Cleaning Tips for the Sink Area

To keep your sink area cleaner and reduce soap slime, choose liquid soap in a pump instead of bar soap. Wipe the sink down each day, several times a day. In fact, if you use the sink, wipe it clean before leaving — every time.

Similarly, after applying your makeup or brushing your teeth, use a tissue or your hand and running water to remove any traces of your having been there. This includes hair, girls.  I wipe it with a sink-side tissue. Then into the trash it goes. Ditto for counter surfaces.

Each week, disinfect the sink, counter, light switches, and doorknobs with a disinfectant cleaner; wipe clean and shine mirrors and chrome fixtures with a glass cleaner; and empty and wipe wastebaskets clean with a disinfecting wipe.

Keep bathroom floors clean and hair- and dirt-free with a disposable wet mop cloth. Several include disinfectants, which is a good choice for this room. Keep the package under the sink, and at day's end, wipe up tracked-in dirt so tomorrow's shower will have you emerging on an (almost) squeaky clean floor.

Each week, mop the bathroom floor.

Tub and Shower Cleaning

To keep your tub clean, rinse it out after each bath. After the bath water drains, swish around some fresh water to loosen and remove any soil or soap residue.

Smiling woman in yellow gloves cleaning bathtub.

Take a minute to squeeze water out of the washcloth and hang it on the tub spout or a bathroom hook.

Deep-cleaning weekly must-dos include disinfecting the toilet, tub, shower, sinks, and drains. 

One trick I used to make toilet disinfecting a more frequent but much less cumbersome chore is to use an enclosed toilet-brush caddy that I fill with water and a half-cup of bleach and place beside the toilet. That way, I can swoosh the bowl with a disinfected brush daily.

I choose cleaners based on how well - and quickly - they work. Which means for me bleach is an absolute must-have for weekly potty-room disinfecting. Bleach-containing toilet and tub/shower cleaners are my top choice.

My newest faves include Clorox Disinfecting Wipes for cleaning sinks, light switches, handles, knobs, and countertops; Clorox or Swiffer brand (type) ready-mop products that you just put the mop/wipe on and then toss it; and Soft Scrub with bleach for disinfecting and cleaning tub, shower, and all bath tile.

Here's the easiest way to keep your shower area clean. Squeegee shower surfaces before toweling off. It takes just 30 seconds or so to wipe away any soap or shampoo.

Each week, scour the tiles and grout around your shower to keep mold and mildew at bay. Don't forget to clean your shower curtain. Send washable curtains and liner for a spin in the washing machine with bleach to remove mold and mildew.

Before rehanging, soak in a salt-water solution to prevent mildew. Clean plastic with a laundry pre-wash spray. Simply spray along the top, letting it run down to cover the curtain. Allow to sit for a few minutes, then rinse.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips for Toilets

Bathroom cleaning tips for toilets: To keep your bowl clean, pour a half-cup or so of bleach into the potty each morning or evening and let it sit. 

This will help keep harmful germs in check. (Never combine bleach with a toilet bowl cleaner! The two combined release dangerous fumes.) And, of course, store your bleach out of the reach of little hands. If you have pets, make sure the lid is down to avoid accidents.

Each day, also wipe the toilet seat and rim with a disposable disinfecting wipe. And always put down the toilet lid before flushing. Besides being much more pleasant to look at, a closed potty when flushed doesn't send stirred-up, ahem, unpleasantries spiraling into the air where they can land on your sink, counter, or toothbrush. Ugh.

Vacuum or sweep the floor. Then mop the floor clean. Empty the trash can and take the bag with you as you go. The bathroom cleaning tips will have you in and out in (almost) no time.


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