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bathroom decorating ideas for kids

Space is at such a premium in the bathroom that your decorations must be functional as well.

If you want the kids to spend enough time in the bathroom to get the daily jobs done, make it a place that's fun as well as functional.

And make kids a part of the decorating process.

Give the room a theme you can live with, and let the kids choose the colors. Make it fun!

Here are some bathroom decorating ideas I think your kids will love.

Think Safety First 

Use child-safe decorations to make the bathroom safe for wet little ones.

Add nonskid rugs, slip-resistant tub decals, and plastic cups for post-brush rinsing.

With safety secured, move on to the playful decor.

Choose Kid-Friendly Accessory Themes

Choose kid-friendly bathroom decorating accessory themes. Kids don't want their bathrooms to have a spa look - that island-of-tranquility bit is not their thing.

This is the place for color and fun, a place where a child can make his or her imprint.

Choose a Bathroom Decorating Theme

Consider a ducky bucket for hairbrushes and accessories, along with ducky soap dispensers and shower curtains for your toddler. 

An older daughter might choose tiny ceramic flowerpots (self-decorated, of course) to contain her cotton balls and Q-Tips.

Let them help you choose a look they'll love. For a less cluttered look, choose coordinating containers for toothbrush, soap, and tissues.

Give the Bathroom a Facelift

A new coat of paint is the quickest, cheapest, and arguably the most dramatic way to give new life to an old bathroom. Don't forget the switch plate, toilet paper holder, and the like. 

Accent the bath in a contrasting color for a stylish flair. Seal with a clear waterproof coating. Good, calming color choices (blues and greens) can help make mad morning dashes feel less stressful.

Bring in Fresh Replacements

Soft, thirsty, fluffy new towels in a hot new color or seasonal hue will provide not only the update you're looking for but a luxurious treat for your hands and body as well. Get your new towels primed for use with these laundering tips.

Replace the shower curtain. Fresh, clean colors and styles will appeal to your sense of cleanliness and loveliness, and if they coordinate with the linens, it'll help give the tired bathroom a completely new look. (If your bathroom is tiny, however, a clear curtain is the best choice.) 

While you're at it, replace the shower curtain hooks, too, with something snazzier. We have silver dolphins holding up the curtain in my kids' shared bath. My older son's hooks are antique silver.

Add a New Reflection

Why stop at just one bathroom mirror? Brighten up the smallest bathroom by bringing in a new looking glass. This tried-and-true decorating trick makes the room seem larger by reflecting light. 

Add some serious pizzazz by framing your mirror (if it's one of those basic mirrors that you adhere to the wall above the sink).

Cut your choice of molding to fit, and then paint it your favorite color or brush on an elegant gold or silver. Glue the frame in place with liquid glue.

Replace Old, Mismatched Fixtures

Replace old, mismatched fixtures with new, personality-plus styles. Drawer pulls, and cabinet handles come in multiple colors and styles.

I used a pewter bat-and-ball drawer pull for my son Chris's bathroom.

You can buy pulls in whatever sport, color, or animal (the possibilities are endless) your child likes to make a jazzy statement on a shoestring. 

Replace rusted, old, or unsightly faucet and light fixtures. While this is not an inexpensive option, it does make a world of difference.

And while you're at it, consider a new showerhead or new faucet and handles for the sink.

Add Light

Add light. It opens up a small space and adds interest. A recessed spotlight is a low-profile option. Wall sconces are an elegant choice for half-baths and guest baths.

Make the Bathroom Bloom

Add a small decorative bud vase and fill it with a flower fresh from the garden as a finishing touch.

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