easy bathroom design ideas

When it comes to bathroom design ideas and implementation, less is definitely more.

Easy bathroom design ideas to freshen up a stale room.

These tips can help you get rid of the extraneous:

  • Control countertop chaos by by corralling personal hygiene items into containers, baskets, or boxes - and place in a drawer or out of sight beneath a cabinet. 
  • Remember that nothing makes a space seem smaller than having items spilling from every surface. With that in mind, be ruthless with clutter you find.
  • Remove that little throw rug on the bathroom floor to give an illusion of more space. 

Easy Bathroom Design Ideas to Jazz Up a Boring Bathroom

Great! Now that you've removed the extraneous, here are a few bathroom design ideas to build a bathroom that is both functional and beautiful:

  • Bringing in a wooden chest or a few stacking wicker or rattan boxes to add character as well as storage space.
  • Add a folding screen between the sink and toilet to add a bit of style along with privacy.
  • Add a wall mirror, or repaint the walls in bright, cheery colors to give a windowless bathroom an airier, more spacious feel.

You may also want to consider installing new handles and knobs in a bright color, silver, or in white matte. It's a great way to add flair without taking up any additional spacespace.

Finally, if you have exposed pipes in the bathroom, paint them the same color as the walls, or paint on a faux finish in complementary colors. Since you can't get rid of the pipes, make the most of them!

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