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FAMILY bathroom

Cleaning and Organizing Tips 

The bathroom needs to be hygienic, both because of kids and in spite of them. 

Good hygiene is especially important for the bathroom family with babies in the home, who love nothing more than to crawl about in the most unsavory of areas.

And to complicate matters further, the challenges presented by this tiny room go well beyond keeping it clean.

The smallest room in the home is usually the busiest and the most space-challenged. 

The key to bathroom cleaning, and to keeping this busy room functional, is creating organizing systems everyone in the family can follow, and implementing regular, thorough top-to-bottom cleanings.

Relax - it's as easy as washing your hands! From fixing a backed up toilet or backed up sink to bathroom decorating, the articles below can help make this room functional and organized.

Bathroom Surface Cleaning

Organizing, Decor & Maintenance

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