bathroom mold removal

Bathroom mold removal is one of the least desirable chores in most homes.

 After all, when faced with the ominous-looking black mold between tiles on caulk or around fixtures, who hasn't been tempted to cut and run?

If that could solve the mold growth, I'd cut and run with you.

Alas, once we returned we'd likely find this living menace to clean society had taken over the bathroom.

So instead of heading for the door, let's just deal with these nasty interlopers now and send them packing - stat - so we can stay put. This eight-step bathroom mold removal routine can help.

1.  Open a Window

Start by opening the bathroom window (if you have one) to give mold spores an easy exit. If you don't, grab a fan and position it so that it blows clean air from other rooms inside.

You'll be using a bleach-based cleaning solution, and for safety's sake, it's important to keep the chemical fumes in this small room to a minimum.

No window? A portable fan aimed blow fumes out the bathroom will work in a pinch.

2.   Mix the Mold and Mildew Cleaning Solution in a Bucket

Put on your cleaning gloves and mix a bathroom mold removal solution of 3/4  cup (180ml) of bleach in 1 gallon (4L) of water in a cleaning bucket. Swirl it around gently with your gloved hand to mix, taking care to ensure none of the solution splashes out onto nearby surfaces.

While bleach is essential to remove mold and mold spores, it will also remove color from carpeting and bath mats - a rather undesirable side effect.

So be sure items in your bathroom that could be stained are removed or covered before you begin to  your mold and mildew cleaning routine. If you have carpeting outside your bathroom, plan your post-mold cleanup so that there's no chance of dripping the cleaning solution on your way out.

3.  Fill a Second Bucket with Clean Water for Rinsing

This second bucket will hold the water you use to rinse away the mold cleaning solution from surfaces.

4.  Apply  Bathroom Mold Removal Solution

Using a bathroom scrub sponge or rag, apply the mold removal mix to walls, tile or grout - wherever mold has grabbed a toehold.

5.  Let the Solution Sit for 15 Minutes

Let the solution to sit on surfaces with mold or mildew for at least 15 minutes to fully remove mold.

6.  Rinse Treated Surface

Rinse the bleach solution entirely from the tile or grout surface, using the second bucket of clean water.

7.  Dry Cleaned Surface

Dry the cleaned areas in your bathroom completely. Surface moisture encourages mold and mildew growth. You can use old rags, paper towels, or use that fan, aimed at the surface, or blow dry.

8.  Repeat as Needed

Repeat the surface cleaning routine above if you can still see or smell mildew after cleaning.

Prevent Future Mold and Mildew

Once the mold spores have been removed, consider using mold growth inhibiting solutions, such as vinegar, to regularly clean bathroom surfaces, especially walls and bathroom tiles. Keep bathroom humidity below 55 percent if you can.

Don't become numbers-bound here; merely turning on the bathroom fan for 15 minutes after your shower or bath will significantly lower the bathroom humidity.

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