5 bathroom organization tips

Organization is easily the biggest challenge when it comes to bathrooms. 

Keeping our everyday essentials from taking over the room is a challenge. Especially when women are involved.

Add a kid or three and things can get downright messy.

Conquer the clutter and master bathroom organization by dividing this room into 5 activity areas to maximize the space you do have there.

  1. Bathroom Organization: The Tub and Shower Area

Bathroom organization solutions for tub and shower include:

  • Plastic dispensers in the shower for soap and shampoo - so you can eliminate a bottle or three;
  • Space-saving racks or hooks for towels;
  • A suction-cup net or plastic tray that fits across the bathtub to keep a toddler's bath toys tidy.

  2.  Taming the Toilet Area

Keep the toilet area essentials organized by:

  • Keeping extra rolls of toilet paper next to the toilet, not hidden in a nearby cabinet. I keep mine in a covered woven basket, stashed between the wall and the potty. This has the extra benefit of keeping hands in need of washing from wandering around cabinets and contaminating the surfaces inside.
  • This is also a good place to keep a bowl or a basket of sanitary supplies or individually wrapped hand-wipes.
  • Station a magazine or book rack near the potty to keep big and little hands occupied while taking care of business.

  3.  Organizing the Dressing Area

Since we often dress here as well, bathroom furniture can help keep the bathroom organized. A few ideas:

  • Place a small hamper near the tub or shower so kids taking off clothes bypass the floor and send dirty duds into the hamper instead.
  • Wall hooks are a good idea for both grown-up and kid bathrooms. If you've ever set the silk camisole you were planning to wear on a wet counter (or worse, a dirty one) you know why.
  • Bathroom furniture such as a chair or stool creates a relaxing nook in which to sit while putting on socks, stockings, or applying make up. And, it's a great place for kids to sit while mom or dad is brushing or curling their hair.

  4.  Master the Medicine Cabinet

Clean out your medicine cabinet; and replace unnecessary items with stuff you really need to store here.

  5.  Bathroom Storage Ideas

  • Use a wicker or wrought-iron wine rack to store rolled washcloths and bath towels.
  • Add over-the-commode shelving. Or, put a trio of shelves along one wall. This is where you can keep a small clock to keep you and the kids on schedule each morning, towels, and anything else cluttering up the bathroom. 
  • Use simple wall hooks or antique drawer pulls instead of towel bars. You can find these at flea markets or garage sales for a song. This is a good thing for busy bodies and younger kids especially.
  • Recycle a few furniture pieces from other rooms in your home. An antique amoire, cupboard, chest, or small table can give this small space a delightfully elegant touch - and help ensure bathroom organization is as beautiful as it is functional.

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