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bathroom storage solutions

By design, most bathrooms leave little room for significant improvement in terms of storage.

Still, there are plenty of little things you can do to make the most of a small bathroom.

The busy bathroom is the place to take advantage of the many bathroom storage solutions, tools, and gadgets designed to organize this small space.

Here are some bathroom storage solutions to consider to help maximize the space you have. 

Make the Most of Your Medicine Cabinet

Start the process by cleaning out the one major area in the bathroom that was designed specifically for toiletry storage - the medicine cabinet.

This will free up space you already have but is likely underutilized.

Get rid of expired medications as well as any toiletries you've had for longer than two years, including shampoos, lotions, makeup, and soap.

Besides creating more space, clearing out your medicine cabinet will minimize health risks, as bacteria and fungi can contaminate lotions and cosmetics over time. (Find out how long makeup lasts).

If you've cleaned everything possible out of your cabinet, and you still can't control the clutter, these bathroom storage solutions can help:

  • Hang a shower caddy over the shower head to keep shampoo, shaving cream, soap, and razors within easy reach but somewhat out of eyesight.
  • Another space-maximizing device is a system of coated-wire rollout baskets, which can be used to expand the storage capacity of under-the-sink cabinet space.

If your bathroom has no storage space there, mount a small coated-wire grid on the wall, and hang personal appliances such as hair dryers and curling irons from it with S-hooks. You'll find these grids and rollout baskets at retailers that sell bath, kitchen, or closet storage accessories.

Bathroom Storage Solutions: On the Wall 

If you have a small bathroom, take advantage of the space above the toilet and the bathroom sink vanity by adding a small cabinet or shelves to hold extra linens or toiletries.

Freestanding over-the-commode shelves can maximize this space right up to the ceiling. But be careful what you display here; small items that fall into the bowl will be no fun to retrieve.

You can also place your deodorant, perfume, hair dryer, and hairbrushes in the clear plastic pockets of a back-of-the-door shoe holder; this will keep these frequently used items from taking up counter space but within easy reach.

If your bathroom sink vanity has a drawer or two, make the most of this precious space by adding acrylic or other dividers to keep essential items separate and organized. 

A second shower curtain rod added behind and level with the first, provides a handy place to hang wet towels so they can air-dry before you fold and return them to the rack.

If your shower has glass doors instead of a curtain and there's no place to hang a second rod, you can make more space for towels by replacing existing racks with sets of decorative hooks.

Keep Essential Bathroom Supplies Handy

Since running out of toilet paper is something you'd like to avoid, store at least one spare roll in the bathroom rather than in the linen closet. 

Hide the extra roll in a simple covered basket with the lid slightly ajar. It remains discreetly hidden, yet you, your family, or a guest can grab it in a moment of need.

Now that you've got some bathroom storage solutions in place, mornings should be much easier!

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