dreamy bedroom ideas

Large bed draped in luxury linens and pillows.

The master bedroom has built-in problems. Mainly, that we do just about everything in the master bedroom.

We work there, chat on the phone to friends, make lists, watch TV, and work on the laptop or tablet.

Some of us even exercise there. And some of us eat and drink there. (Shhh! Don't tell the kids!)

Oh, yeah, some of us sleep there, too. These bedroom ideas can help you create the kind of room dreams are made of.

Bedroom Basics

First and foremost, when it comes to bedroom decorating is - of course - a bed. (Didn't want to start out too esoteric here!) 

  • A bedside table. (If you don't have one, I'll bet you have a big messy pile beside the bed. Think outside the box here. An oversize terra-cotta pot with a glass top makes a creative table.)
  • Necessary bedside accessories include a reading light, an alarm clock, a container for jewelry or reading glasses, room for a water bottle or glass, tissues, an emery board, a notepad, a pen, and a flashlight. 
  • A full-length mirror. An essential component of most master bedroom decor.
  • A dresser or bureau with drawers. (Make good use of these stuff holders in the master beroom. Put the things you use daily inside. If you get up earlier than your spouse, you may want a dresser with undergarments, sweaters, etc. in the other room, so you don't disturb him or her by turning on the bedroom light to hunt for your stuff.)
  • Valet. (This could come in handy if you have a spouse who refuses to hang things up - it's a great Father's Day gift idea.)

To make your bedroom decor a reflection of the inhabitants inside, fill the master bedroom with items reflecting your interests, passions, and tastes.

Bedroom decorating ideas include a wall with family photographs framed in different sizes and shapes, that bespeaks your interest in, joy from, and love of family.

More decor ideas: A vase with a trio of roses from your garden evokes the simplicity of nature and your spouse's passion for gardening. 

Reflect your passion for romance by creating candle groupings around the master bedroom. Scented candles can emit a relaxing aroma such as vanilla or rose.

Amidst all this beauty, you can hide some serious functionality in your bedroom decorating. A bed skirt is a perfect disguise for that under-the-bed storage area.

A skirted table topped with candles and freshly arranged birds of paradise is the perfect hideaway for that oversize hat box you can't quite squeeze into any drawer or nook.

Or that old collection of photographs you mean to cull before your child gets to college.

Bedroom Ideas for a Good Night's Sleep

Since one of life's greatest pleasures is arguably a good night's sleep, make sure you set the stage for bedded bliss in the master bedroom. Decor ideas here include:

Close up of elegant bed near window.

Change sheets and blankets to fit the season. Use cool cotton for summer and cozy flannel for winter so you won't wake up shivering or in a sweat.

Top with an all-season down comforter that you can make fresh each season by changing the duvet cover.

Just make sure the duvet cover is machine-washable, light, breathable, and long enough so that it extends at least a foot on each side of the mattress.

In the morning, let the sun shine in - unless you'd like to sleep past dawn, that is. In that case, drape your windows with shades, blinds, or simple fabric curtains, so you're in control of the wake-up call.

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