dreamy bedroom ideas

Bedroom ideas for redesigning this pivotal place should include places for us to relax and enjoy everything we do there.

We work there, chat on the phone to friends, make lists, watch TV, and work on the laptop or tablet.

Some of us even exercise there. And some of us eat and drink there.

Oh, yeah, some of us sleep there, too.

These bedroom ideas can help you create a better bedroom - one that comfortably and beautifully allows you to go about doing all the things you do inside.

How to Create a Cozy Bed

One of the quickest and most dramatic ways to change up your bedroom is to change the color of the bed linens. A few more quick changes that pack a big design punch:

  • Add a couple of brightly colored pillows to the bed and nearby chairs (if you have them) to inexpensively change the look and feel of your master bedroom.
  • For a romantic look, drape swags or other fabric treatments over curtain rods, furniture, or the headboard. 
  • If you have a four-poster bed, create a canopy by hanging inexpensive mosquito netting from the ceiling.
  • Look for an unusual pair of lamps the next time you're browsing in an antique store or flea market. Changing the bedside lamps is an easy fix that will quickly change the feel of the room.

Bedroom Ideas Should Make Room for All You Do Inside It

As you're redecorating, review whether the space works for all the things you do there. Make sure you have the basics inside, including:

  • A bed.  (Didn't want to start out too esoteric here!)
  • A bedside table or two. If you don't have one, think outside the box here. An oversize terra-cotta pot with a glass top makes a creative table.
  • Bedside accessories. These would include things like a reading light, an alarm clock, a container for jewelry or reading glasses, room for a water bottle or glass, tissues, an emery board, a notepad and a pen.
  • A full-length mirror. A morning departure essential.
  • A dresser or bureau with drawers. Make good use of these stuff-holders. Put the things you use daily inside.

Make Your Bedroom a Reflection of You

To make your room a reflection of you, fill it with items reflecting your interests, passions, and tastes. A few ideas to help bring out your personality:

  • A wall with family photographs framed in different sizes and shapes bespeaks your interest in, joy from, and love of family.
  • A vase with a trio of roses from your garden evokes the simplicity of nature and your passion for gardening.
  • Reflect your passion for romance by creating candle groupings around the room. Sceted candles can emit a relaxing aroma such as vanilla or rose by day, and at night, they reflect your passion for, well, your kids' dad. Or Mom.

Amidst all this beauty, you can slip in some serious functionality.

  • A bed skirt is the perfect disguise for that under-the-bed storage area.
  • A skirted table topped with candles and freshly arranged birds of paradise is the perfect hideaway for that oversize hat box you can't quite squeeze into any drawer or nook. Or that old collection of photographs you're meaning to cull before your child gets to college.
  • And since one of life's greatest pleasures is arguably a good night's sleep, make sure you set the stage for bedded bliss. Change sheets and blankets to fit the season.
  • Use cool cotton sheets for summer and cozy flannel for winter so you won't wake up shivering or in a sweat. 
  • Top your bed with an all-season down comforter that you can make fresh each season by changing the duvet cover. Just make sure it's machine-washable, light, breathable, and long enough so that it extends at least a foot on each side of the mattress.

In the morning, let the sun shine in - unless you'd like to sleep past dawn, that is. In that case, drape your windows with shades, blinds, or simple fabric curtains so you're in control of the wake-up call.

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