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8 carpool rules for kids

Carpools are beneficial arrangements for busy parents.

8 carpool rules for kids.

But there's a bit more to a carpool than just alternating driving days.

Being part of a carpool implies a commitment both on your end and on the other moms'.

If you work these eight carpool rules for kids out ahead of time, it's easier to address problems when they happen - and to keep the mutually beneficial arrangement in place.

 1   Carpool Rules Require Everyone Wears a Seat Belt

The car cannot run unless seat belts are fastened. (I had my daughter convinced this was true until she was about 7). Make sure all your carpoolers are buckled up for safety.

  2   The Front Seat is For Riders Age 12 and Older

If you have a passenger-side airbag, of course. If yours has been disabled or you have an older-model car, check with the kids' parents first. Never assume because an eligible kid wants to ride in front that his parents would agree with his decision.

  3   No Eating in the Car

Adjust this rule as you see fit. Or not. On the fence on this one? See Dashboard Dining: Yes or No? for food for thought.

  4   All Body Parts Must Stay in the Car

All body parts must stay inside the car at all times. This one needs no further explanation.

  5    No Yelling in the Car

No loud voices or yelling inside the car. Distracting the driver is always a no-no.

  6   Keep Your Hands to Yourself

No touching anyone else. (See rule #5).

  7   The Driver Gets to Choose the Tunes

Mom gets to choose the radio station or music, If any, of course. She's the driver, after all. And good music can keep you sane.

  8   Politeness is Mandatory

As our kids might say: "Duh."

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