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Essential cleaning supplies & Tools

Whether you're ready to dive-in for a fall, whole-house cleaning - or you just need to restock or upgrade your housekeeping kit - these are the essential cleaning supplies and tools you should have on hand to keep your home looking its best.

These essential cleaning supplies and tools are organized by room, although you're sure to find that most of the supplies and tools will come in handy when cleaning other rooms in your home, too.

Essential Cleaning Supplies for Floors

Whether your floors are  woodtile, or linoleum, you will need three things to get them clean: a broom and dustpan, a mop, and a floor vacuum.

Living Area and Bedroom Cleaning Essentials

For these rooms and areas, the two must-haves are a lint roller for upholstered surfaces and pillows (especially necessary if you have pets), and a microfiber duster:

Essential Supplies for the Kitchen

In this busy germ-laden room, you'll need the following cleaning and scrubbing tools and disinfecting supplies:

Essential Cleaning Supplies for the Bathroom

Dedicated cleaning tools and supplies are essential for controlling the spread of germs and preventing mold and mildew in the bathroom:

Now that you have your essential cleaning supplies list, grab a coffee and head to the store. Fall cleaning will be ever-so-much easier (and more inspiring!) with all your new tools!

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