Halloween Front Door Decor

Halloween can be a night of dark, scary things (especially if you have teenagers in the house.)  And if you do, they might actually like some of this festive Halloween front door decor.

These fun and festive front door decorations are sure to get everyone in your home - and maybe even in the neighborhood, too - into the spirit (spirits?) of the season. 

From doormats sure to stop everyone in their tracks to dramatic door knockers and wreaths, the following items are a must for a well-dressed front door this fall.

So have fun and make it especially festive this year with festive Halloween front door decor embracing that embrace the trick-or-treating season.

The Horned Skeleton Man Door Knocker— If that gothic door knocker you've had your eyes on was just a little too macabre for everyday use, Halloween is the perfect time to adorn your door with this door knocker! This Medieval-knights-inspired door knocker is made of strong, high-quality resin with a hand-painted brass finish.

The Pumpkin Patterned Door Mat - Made from 100% natural coconut coir fiber - is a festive way to greet both ghouls and goblins this Halloween season. Time to change your ordinary doormat to something a little extra. As a bonus, the doormat, made of 100 percent natural coconut coir fiber, is super easy to clean.

Pre-lit Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath With Timer — This 22-inch wreath is covered with handmade deco mesh, black glitter and 20 warm LED lights for a major wow factor. The battery-operated LED lights include a timer that allows the lights to go into an automatic cycle of six hours on and 18 hours off daily. 

Artificial White Pumpkins (Assorted Sizes) — Equal parts scary and chic, this set of white faux pumpkins is ideal for placing just outside your front door. If all-white isn't your style, the set of 12 pumpkins is available in other colors and patterns, including orange and gold.

Wicked Witch Legs: Ghoulishly versatile, you can place these 18-inch wicked witch legs just about anywhere near your front door. Place them under a doormat or even just outside of your front door or an adjacent wall for a playful homage to "The Wizard of Oz's" Wicked Witch of the East.

Pumpkin Carving Kit Tools - If you prefer a more DIY approach to sprucing up your front door this Halloween, a pumpkin carving kit is the one item you'll certainly need.

This kit comes with everything you'll possibly need for pumpkin carving fun, including sculpting tools, a heavy-duty scooper, and an etching tool. A convenient carrying case ensures that all tools stay neatly in one place from one season to the next.