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9 halloween safety tips

Halloween is a night candy-loving kids everywhere look forward to all year long. 

Almost as big as the candy haul is deciding what costume to wear to retrieve it. 

This is where parents step in, and, ultimately, have the final say. Don't call it editing their costumes. Instead, call it a necessary check for keeping children safe because it is essential.

Keep these 9 Halloween safety tips in mind as you help prepare the little ghouls for the big night ahead.

1.  Sensible Shoes are Mandatory

Big no here to wobbly heels, and no skateboards, bikes, or rollerblades. It's dark outside. Bumps in the night abound.

We don't want our little skeletons trick-or-treating at the hospital, right?

2.  Say Yes to Glow Sticks and Lights

GlowSticks and bracelets, a light stick, or other light-up novelties are an essential costume accessory for safety.

Kids need to see where they're walking - especially when dressed up. Make sure you - or they - can light the way.

3.  Just Say No to Pointy Weapons

For safety's sake, no pointy weapons or sticks are allowed to be part of the costume. No swords, no wands, nada. Unless, of course, they're glow in the dark wands or swords without pointy parts.

4.  Reinforce Halloween Safety Tips for Crossing Streets

Cross streets safely, and at crosswalks if the road has one. Of course, we always do this. But it's especially important at night. 

Remind little ones that the rules of the road are still in place come All Hallow's Eve.

5.  Make a No-Running Rule for Trick-or-Treaters

This means you, Spiderman.

6.  Make Sure Little Ghouls Stay on the Sidewalk

Walking through lawns is likely to irk the neighbors, in addition to raising the tripping hazard factor substantially. Keep it safe.

Stay on the well-lit sidewalk and use the walkway to get to the booty at the home's front door.

7.  Trick-or-Treat Only at Houses with Porch Lights On

A dark doorway means no treats - and increases the possibility that tricks lying about the walkway unseen will trip up young revelers.

So why waste precious trick-or-treating time on a dark porch?

Remind kids to skip the dark houses so they can concentrate on lit ones with candy galore.

8.  Steer Clear of Pets 

Even pets you and the kids know may get over-excited on this night. Keep your pet home, and give neighborhood pets a wide berth tonight. Get Halloween Pet Safety Tips.

9.  Don't Be a Drag

Or let the costume be a drag, either. Otherwise, little Cleopatra could trip in the dark. If you put these Halloween safety tips into play, however, a fun and safe night can be had by all. Happy hauntings!

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