tricks for treating halloween stains

Plastic pumpkin spilling candy.

If you think everyday clothing and carpet stains are scary, wait until you see the tricky Halloween stains the (black) cat will drag in on October 31.

Pumpkin mush on ghostly costumes. Ghastly guests dripping party punch and red wine on themselves and your carpet pile.

These seasonal spills can turn even the sweetest Snow White hostess into a thundering headless horseman.

Save your home's carpets, your costume investment - your sanity - this year by being prepared for the ghastly spills, drips, drops, and other Halloween stains ahead.

Removing Halloween Stains

Jack-o'-lantern brain surgery can be messy. 

If you get splattered as you hack away at innocent pumpkins, be aware that time is of the essence for stain removal.

Fruit sugars like pumpkin guts are pH- and time-sensitive. 

Just like an apple slice will turn brown if left out, the fruit will cause a spot to develop on your clothes if allowed to sit over time.

 These tips can help remove even the scariest Halloween stains:

  • Remove any excess pumpkin guts by running cold water on the stained area.
  • Even if you can't rinse or wash the garment immediately, remove excess sugars by blotting the stained area with cold water to prevent oxidation.
  • Wash the garment in the warmest water you can when you get home - remember to read the care tag for wash water temperature guidelines.

How to Remove Zombie Makeup Stains

If part of your ghostly complexion should end up on your costume, remain calm. You can remove tough stains like makeup with these tips:

  • Remove oil-based makeup smudges on clothes as soon as possible. A smooth device like the back of a butter knife or a spoon works well for this purpose.
  • Oil or wax-based make-ups have to be melted to be removed from the fibers of the garment, so wash it in the warmest water possible.

Tricks for Removing Treats

Candies like chocolate and caramel, delicious though they are, are just fat and sugar - just as evil on the front of your costume as they are on your hips. 

These laundry stain removal tips can help:

  • Rub a little detergent into the stained area before washing.
  • Use chlorine bleach or color safe bleach to finish up the job. Be careful to time the bleach right. Add the bleach during the rinse cycle, after your detergent has done its job.

How to Remove Common Carpet Stains, Splotches, and Drips

Party platters can be murder on your carpet. Ghastly party treats such as punch, pastries, and dips are likely to end up on the carpet. Here's how to remove these scary stains from your carpet:

  • Remove stain excess with a towel, or scrape away with a rounded spoon. 
  • Apply rubbing alcohol. Agitate slightly, then rinse with warm water. Blot with a towel.
  • Continue to repeat the application of rubbing alcohol as long as the spill transfers to the towel. Be patient: several applications may be necessary.
  • Apply diluted dishwashing liquid - one teaspoon per pint of warm water. Agitate slightly.
  • Rinse with warm water, then blot with a towel. Repeat until the spill no longer transfers over to the cloth. Continue to repeat the application of dishwashing liquid as long as there is an improvement or as long as the spill transfers to the towel. Be patient. Several applications may be necessary.
  • Apply white vinegar. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Continue to rinse as long as foaming occurs from the detergent application.
  • Top with a half-inch thick layer of paper towels to dry. Weight them down with a heavy object.

Happy hauntings! Nothing scary about Halloween night when you've got the remedies for removing the stains ahead.

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