How to make cleaning a fun activity

by KellyB

Hey guys! here are some tips by which you can make cleaning a fun activity.

1.Make it a group activity:
Make sure that you involve all your family members in it and then make it as a game. Definitely they'll lend a hand specially kids.
2.Make a Cleaning Playlist:
Turn your house cleaning into a dance party. Sing as loud as you can, pick up some funny steps.
Like a broom can make a perfect microscope
3.Create cleaning challenges: Make up a contest like who has the best aim when throwing trash into the garbage.Or like who picks the maximum items from the floor in a given time.
4.Take breaks in between: Make sure that you take breaks in between because any task can make you bored if it is done for long hours.
These are some tips that can make cleaning a fun activity.

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