laundry chores for kids by age

Here are some laundry chores and the ages by which most kids are able to do them.

Once a child reaches a certain skill or age level, he can generally do the chores for his age group and those for the age groups below.

Of course, some of these chores need to be done each day, others once a week, and still others once a month or even less frequently. Use your best judgment for what gets done when.

Laundry Chores for Kids Ages 2 and Under

  • Put dirty clothes in hamper if the top is low enough.

Chores for Kids Ages 3 to 5

  • Previous chore, plus:
  • Remove clothes from the dryer.
  • Help fold clothes.
  • Take clean, folded clothes to his or her room.
  • Air-tumble throw pillows in dryer.

Chores for Kids Ages 6 to 9

  • Previous chores, plus:
  • Decide which clothes are dirty and which can be reworn.
  • Take hampers to the wash room.
  • Fold simple clothes items.
  • Match socks from dryer.

Chores for Kids Ages 10 to 13

  • Previous chores, plus:
  • Sort, wash, and fold clothes.
  • Change bed linens.

Chores for Kids Ages 14 to 17

  • Previous chores, plus:
  • Clean the dryer exhaust vent.
  • Sew on buttons and mend torn clothes. (This could be a heavy-duty chore for extra pay or privileges.)
  • Remove dust ruffle from beds to wash or dry-clean.

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