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Making Room For Little Ones

by Victoria Westing
(Dallas, Texas)

A year ago we had our third child and after he was born, I noticed we didn't spend as much time in the living room as we used to. Well, at least I didn't with our new son.

Then I realized I wasn't going there as much because there were some expensive framed family photos on a table behind the sofa he might knock over, and the glass table had sharp edges that I was afraid he'd bump into.

Funny how you can look at a room every day, and until you stop to think about it, you don't know why you don't spend time there!

Our family had changed since Garth (the youngest) arrived, and although I did re-baby-proof (our first two are ages 6 and 7) every other room, I'd overlooked the living room.

So I took the photos from the table and made one of the walls a "family photos" wall. I still had room on the wall, so I framed a few of our other children's artwork to fill it out. It looks amazing! Then I put clear plastic bumpers on the coffee table.

Now, I spend more time there, and so does the rest of the family. I think it helps to remember that things are always changing with families, and sometimes how we live in a room changes too. It worked great for us.

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