4 tips for creating a pet car survival kit

This pet car survival kit is primarily designed for dogs. Yes, I know cats travel, too. 

But dogs are the more frequent travelers. I've yet to see a family let Fluffy the cat bound out of the hatchback at a soccer practice or baseball game.

Cats will slink under the brake pedal without your realizing it - until you can't press the brake pedal. This is probably one of the main reasons we don't usually take cats along for the ride.

To prevent such a disaster for all involved, invest in a pet gate for the back of your car if you do travel with a cat. It's also safer for dogs, too

 Essentials to keep inside the car for when your four-legged family member comes along for the ride include:

 1.  Include Bags for Scooping Poop in Your Pet Car Survival Kit

I use earth-rated dog waste bags. They're designed to hold the smelly stuff safely and be earth friendly. But I think I really just like the lovely lavender scent. It totally beats the alternative.

  2.  A Leash For Each Pet

This may seem like a "duh", but often times dashing out the door you or the kids might forget it in a rush. By having a "spare" or second leash already in the car, there's less to think about in the rush to get out the door to soccer practice.

  3.  Dog Chow

Sometimes, your errands or carpool might take longer than expected; be prepared so your hungry animal doesn't get restless or loud (barking comes to mind here).

If you're unsure whether there will be a faucet or hose nearby your destination(s), consider including a water bottle in your mobile kit.

  4. A Bowl for Water and for Food

They needn't be fancy - even a plastic picnic-style dish will do. In a pinch, it's nice to know you don't have to consider whether your destination(s) will have bowls available.

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