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The Best security door locks
for your home

The stronger the security door locks on your home's doors, the more difficult it is for an intruder to get inside.

Make intruders have to work hard to enter your home with a deadbolt door lock.

And chances are they'll turn their sights elsewhere for that easy payday.

Since securing your home against intruders begins with the right security door locks, here's what you need to know to help you make the best and safest choice for your home's entry doors.

The Best Security Doors Locks for Your Front Door

Your home's front door should have a deadbolt in addition to a keyed door set. As a rule, a deadbolt should have a 1-inch (2.5cm) throw bolt and an interlocking frame.

And yes, your door needs a deadbolt in addition to the keyed knob set. 

If your door has a window or a glass panel, secure it with a decorative grille that has nonremovable screws.

Or, install over the glass a break-resistant plastic panel.

If a window lies within an arm's length of the door, make sure that the door's deadbolt is out of reach should an intruder break the glass in the window and reach inside. 

Cover the window with a curtain or shade to keep prying eyes out.

Always draw all the shades or close the blinds at night to prevent intruders from looking inside to determine what you are doing, whether you are alone - or whether anyone is home.

Knock Knock: Who's There?

Can you detect who's knocking before you open the door?  If you don't already have a peephole, hire a locksmith to install one in your door when he or she comes to install your new deadbolt.

If you're handy, buy a peephole and install it yourself.

Choose the type with a fish-eye lens; its wide-angle view allows you to see almost everything - and everyone - on your doorstep before you throw open that deadbolt and open the door.

Make sure your porch light is at least 40 watts to properly illuminate nighttime visitors.

Secure gate latches and garage and shed doors with sturdy padlocks that are designed to stand up to rain and freezing temperatures.

Door Locks Defined

Single-cylinder deadbolt lock:

  • Opened with a key on the outside and a thumb-turn on the inside.

Dual-cylinder lock:

  • A bolt lock that has a key for both inside and outside. Replace it with a single-cylinder lock, which is safer.

Privacy lock:

  • A commonly used interior lock that has a push button or thumb turn on the inside, with a hole on the outside that allows someone to open the door with either a special key or a straightened paper clip in case there is an emergency.

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