Toppin Cordless Vaccum

I'm a bit of a clean freak. I like my home free from dirt, dust, and reminders of the four-legged residents inside as much as possible. Naturally, I was excited when my new Toppin cordless vacuum arrived right before Christmas.

My first impression on pulling the sleek silver and green stick vacuum from the box was - this looks cool! Using the quick start guide, I had my cool new tool assembled and charging next to my stick and hand vacuum in minutes.

My Toppin cordless vacuum.The Toppin cordless vacuum (right) joined my kitchen nook collection.

Four hours later, I gave the Toppin cordless vacuum a test run on my hardwood and tile floors and the accumulated holiday glitter there. 

The powerful suction (38,000RPM/min) did the dirty corner jobs - stat. The red and green glitter gone from the floors, I gave it a spin on the sofa cushions and pillows. The Toppin performed as well on my upholstery as it did on the floor - and I didn't even run out of charge. 

With up to 35 minutes of work time per charge, it lasted a bit (5 minutes) longer than my Dyson V7. And better yet - my trigger finger wasn't sore. 

Unlike my Dyson, the Toppin cordless vacuum requires just one pull to start, meaning I don't have to hold the lever back while using it during a cleaning session. And at 3.08 pounds, it was lighter and easier to use than the 5.3-pound Dyson. 

The Toppin Cordless Vacuum  Pros and Cons

  • Suitable for hard floors and low rugs; not good for long-haired carpet (max length 15mm).
  • Feature a 35mm-wide roll brush that combines sot wool with carbon wool to resist and reduce hair wrap and attachment.
  • LED headlights make cleaning dark corners easier.
  • Two suction modes and powerful suction: 7 Kpa for the standard mode and 12 Kpa for max mode. 
  • Detachable 2200mAh lithium battery provides up to 35 minutes runtime, ensures an uninterrupted cleaning before 4-hour recharging is needed. A removable battery makes it easy to charge separately or buy a spare battery. 
  • A Five-layer filtration system removes up to 99.99% of microscopic dust particles as small as 0.1 microns and prevents secondary air pollution.
  • Lightweight & space-saving: 3.08lb; and can be wall-mounted and charged at the same time.

Ideal for Homes with Kids and Pets

When I began fostering cats in the new year - four of them - my Toppin cordless vacuum quickly became my go-to favorite.

Without the need for a continuous finger pull during cleaning, the lighter weight gave my writing-weary hands a welcome break. Having this lightweight vacuum handy has made my 2021 cleaning routine - with four felines temporarily in residence - even easier! 

If you'd like to try one in your home, use discount code Tara15, 15% off on


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