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The Clean-zine, Issue #08 - Getting Kids Ready for School (Again! Already?)
August 01, 2013


1. Getting the Kids Ready for School (Again! Already?)

2. August Housecleaning Checklist

3. Chilling Out Over That Air Conditioning Bill

Getting the Kids Ready for School (Again! Already?)

Everyone knows what August means: Getting the summer slackers geared-up for school again.

Just when you’ve got summer’s rule-free days figured out, here come the rigid class and homework schedules that mark the new season.

No problem, right? You’re the mom and you’ve got a handle on things. And if you don’t (or won’t just yet) here’s the cheat-sheet to use in the days ahead as we shift gears into fall.

1. Clothes Inspection. Put on the no-nonsense drill sergeant’s hat for this closets and drawers makeover. With your son or daughter’s assistance, toss or give away anything that’s too grungy or small to wear to school again this year. This is a good time to pass all your child’s clothes under the mommy radar. After all, as long as you’re both in there, make the most of this school prep and organizing time together!

Make a list of what you’ll need to shop for in the weeks ahead, based on what’s heading out the door without replacements. If your child’s school requires uniforms, this is a good time to begin ordering new sweatshirts or sweaters and the like online.

Consider devoting a couple of drawers and/or part of the closet to school clothes – especially if your kids wear uniforms. This way, your student will know the night before whether he or she has something appropriate to wear the next day with a single glance before bed. Inventory what you have and make a shopping list for the rest. Be sure to take advantage of end-of-season and Labor Day sales.

2. Primping Primer. Help the kids more

August Housecleaning Checklist

August is a month of endings and beginnings. It marks the end of vacation and the beginning of the school year. The end of summer and the beginning of fall. There are a lot of chores associated with both transitions. Here are my Top 10:

1. Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines: Get ready for the carpool season by detailing and servicing the car. At least you’ll start the school year looking good...

2. Play Ball! Or rather, clean ball. In fact, clean all your sports equipment and put it away in the proper place.

3. To Air is Human: Open up all the windows. Refresh your house one last time before closing up shop for the winter.

4. Nooks and Crannies: Give your little ones brooms and send them on cobweb hunts. When the last one has been demolished, take the kids to a fun summer movie.

5. Clean Cleaning Equipment. Mops, brooms, buckets, and vacuum cleaners all get dirty, too. more

Chilling Out Over That Air Conditioning Bill

Just when you think it can’t get any hotter, it does.

Lucky you. You’ve got air conditioning.

Lucky you. You’ve got air conditioning bills.

This is your last-ditch chance to save a little money during the hottest month of the year. Here are some tips on cutting your air conditioning bill while still keeping your cool.

1. Keep the air on during the day and off at night. Open the windows instead to take advantage of natural air conditioning.

2. Suffer a little during the day and turn the air up to 75 degrees. You really don’t need to wear a sweater during the summer, now do you?

3. Turn off lights when you leave the room.

4. Install attic fans – and use them.

5. Close blinds and curtains in rooms that aren’t being used.

6. White shades reflect light and heat better than darker ones. Awnings help, too. more

Have a warm, wonderful month!

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