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The Clean-zine, Issue #07 - A Cleaner, More Organized New Year
January 02, 2013


1. 7 Resolutions for a Cleaner, Saner, More Organized 2013

2. Getting a Grip on the Garage

3. How to Keep New Sweaters Looking New

7 Resolutions for a Cleaner, Saner New Year

Happy 2013!

Now that the holidays are over, we can all get back to the gentle art of living.

But before you stuff the holiday decorations back into the garage or toss that new cashmere sweater into that jungle otherwise known as a closet, take time to read and consider these 7 resolutons for a saner, more organized new year.

Getting a Grip on the Garage

Welcome to the post season! (As they say in sports.)

Your tree is down. The decorations are down.

But the garage is a disaster.

Stop parking in the driveway and get a grip on your garage. And be sure to include the whole family in on the fun.

Sweater Care and Cleaning

Santa was good and brought you a bunch of new, fuzzy, warm sweaters.

By now, they've been worn a few times and are in need of a date with the washing machine. But you hold back, not wanting to lose that new sweater look and feel.

Sweaters can survive the laundering process at home - and even come out looking good! You just have to know to wash a sweater by knowing its fibers.

Sweaters are a little harder to care for than most garments. They can shrink; they can stretch; they can pill. And the softer the sweater, the more delicate it is and needs to be handled in the wash process.

Here are some general sweater washing guidelines to help you get these sweet new gifts clean.

Happy 2013 to you and yours!

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