4 kitchen clutter solutions 

The kitchen, by its very nature, is probably the most heavily trafficked and most popular room in your home.

It's where the family gets together for meals, where friends gather during dinner parties, and the place you get each day off to a fresh start.

The problem is, stuff has a tendency to pile up here. Drawers and countertops quickly fill up with mail, school papers, and cooking items no one seems to remember where to put away.

And suddenly, even meal prep is a struggle - not to mention finding a place on the table to eat. It's a recipe for a kitchen disaster - or at the very least, lots of late mornings. These 4 kitchen clutter solutions can help corral the culprits, organize what's left - and perhaps even help get everyone out the door on time each morning. 

  1  kitchen organizing tips for drawers.

Organize drawers by grouping your most frequently used cooking tools in ceramic jars or other attractive holders on countertops.

The drawers will be neater - with more space for other things - and you'll be able to get to these must-have utensils quicker. 

Inside drawers, use plastic sectional organizers or small oblong boxes to hold scissors, tape, and coupons in place - and to make them easier to find when you need them.

These types of containers also work well for organizing large spoons, salad tongs, carving knives, corkscrews, and bottle and can openers.

  2  kitchen clutter solutions for countertops.

Keep countertops uncluttered while using them for display. Place an attractive, shallow wicker basket, small wooden crate, or other container on a counter to hold treats for the kids or fill it with the snacks you like to grab on the run.

Use antique, decorative tins or old-fashioned colored-glass mason jars to store your collections of tea bags and matchbooks - or as "hiding" places for dog biscuits and kitty treats.

Fruits and vegetables can take center stage in an attractive, breathable basket or metal mesh container on the kitchen table or windowsill instead of taking up space - and being left to spoil unseen - in the back of the refrigerator.

  3  how to unclutter kitchen cabinets.

If your cabinet shelves are not adjustable, subdivide the space with wire racks. It makes getting to pots, pans, dishes, and pie plates easier than when they're piled up all the way to the shelf above. 

This wireless rack system works equally well with items in the cupboard or pantry. You might also consider installing a corner cabinet carousel or rolling shelves.

You won't want to waste a single inch of precious cabinet space. Make the most of overhead cabinets by hanging stemmed glasses beneath them.

Store your holiday cookware and the cake tins or roasting pans you use infrequently in those hard-to-reach cabinets high above the fridge.

  4  kitchen clutter solutions to make everyday cleanups easier.

Finally, to make everyday cleanups quicker, assign one large cabinet and one drawer near the dishwasher to serve as home for the daily dishes and silverware.

If you have extra sets of dishes and far more place settings than you have household members, stock this area with just enough dishes and utensils to get everyone through the day and to make unloading the dishwasher less of a chore.

Double the number of place settings if you run the dishwasher only every other day.

Store the rest of the service in a place that's less convenient but still accessible, so it's handy when your meals require more dishes and glasses than you'd planned for.

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