housecleaning tips to simplify cleaning and organizing your home and family life

Santa was good this year and brought you a bunch of new, warm sweaters.

By now they've been worn a few times and need a date with the washing machine.

Already the the cashmere is beginning to pill. And how do you launder the black silk one without it getting all linty?

Most sweaters can be safely washed at home (and no, it doesn't have to be by hand.)

In fact, some sweaters fare better in the washing machine than at the cleaners.

Here's your guide to Safely Machine Washing Sweaters.

We all have leather and suede in our closets, too: skirts, vests, jackets (whether Santa brought them this year or not). And we are all scared to wear them lest they get soiled. After all, how would we clean them?

For many of us, cleaning leather garments is still one of life's mysteries. So here's a guide on How to Clean Leather that will help you keep your rawhide looking tough.

When it comes to keeping family life organized and how to clean everything from laundry stains to the busy bathroom to choosing to simplify life (and the family finances) with regular home maintenance, there's really nothing difficult about it.

You just need a plan.

Get started finding housecleaning solutions and ways to simplify life now - the tips below are organized by category:

Simply choose one and get started with solutions that work. I'm glad you're here - and I welcome your comments!

Author of "Mrs. Clean Jeans' Housekeeping With Kids" and "Simplify Your Household".

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Tara Aronson is a native Californian. Having grown up in San Diego, she studied journalism and Spanish to pursue a career in newspaper writing. Tara, whose three children - Chris, Lyndsay, and Payne - are the light of her life, now lives and writes in Los Angeles. She also regularly appears on television news programs throughout the U.S.

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