housecleaning and organizing with kids


Here you'll find everything you need to know about house cleaning and organizing to create and maintain an organized home.

From cleaning smarter and quicker with kids, organizing room-by-room, lightening the laundry load, corralling kids, and even preparing the family car for calm carpools and relaxing weekend getaways - it's all here.

You'll learn how to:

  • Organize and create fun storage for every family member's activities, so there's a place for everything and everything stays in place
  • Plan help-yourself menus for frantic nights
  • Divvy up chores equably and get them done without nagging

Get started making your home a cleaner, more organized, and more efficient place by choosing a housekeeping category below:

Why involve the family in house cleaning?

When you involve everyone in the family in the quest for a clean, organized home, you'll find there will be room for every drawing, school paper, and test that arrives each day - and even the littlest family member will know where that is.

The wild carpool routine will be tamed, the family plan for cleaning surfaces will be in place, and surprise visits from friends won't be dreaded, and even the most domestically challenged will be ready in a flash to host unexpected friends and family overnight. 

The point is: No Mom (or Dad) should be an island. Unless parents have a battle plan designed to guide the troops through the minefield of daily life, they can't expect to survive the pre-college years with their sanity it.

Then once they devise their battle plan, it shouldn't be top secret! The plan should be posted so everyone is in sync with what needs to be done when.

Start finding housecleaning solutions and ways to simplify life now by choosing a category:

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