A Clean, Organized Family Home is Easier (Thankfully!) Than it Looks

There's nothing complicated about creating an inviting, efficient, and well-run home. 

And the truth is - it doesn't take endless hours with a mop and bucket or some advanced degree in building maintenance to keep your home and its systems running smoothly.

You're in the right place if you need help with anything (and everything!) from choosing the right laundry detergent and laundry temperature to spring cleaning with kids and easy pets for kids.

This site is where you can find solutions to the daily problems of family life - so you can get back to the fun stuff!

Here's a peek at this site's sections to help you quickly find what you're looking for.

Backyard Family Living

Housework, of course, does not stop at the house.

And now that spring arrived, it's rush hour on patios, flower beds, and lawns. Yet tidying up around the outside of the house is not a top priority.

After all, planning gardens and pool parties is a lot more fun than preparing the yard and garden before them.

But since a summer-fresh outdoor area is a necessary part of making the fun stuff really fun, why not get the kids to pitch in outside?

Get started on making your backyard family living easy and enjoyable here.

Boffo Family Bathrooms

Bathrooms need to be hygienic, because of kids and in spite of them. Good hygiene is especially important with babies in the home, who love nothing more than to crawl about in the most unsavory of areas.

And to complicate matters further, the challenges presented by this tiny room go well beyond keeping it clean.

The smallest room in the home is often the busiest and the most space-challenged. 

Since ultra-organized kids is an oxymoron, the key to keeping bathrooms clean and harmonious is to create simple organizing systems and cleaning routines.

Relax - it's as easy as washing your hands. Get started solving bathroom cleaning challenges.

Organizing Life in the Family Car

We parents spend much of our lives in the car. We run errands. We take kids to school, to soccer, to piano, to swim lessons, to play dates, to baseball, to orthodontist appointments, and on. And on.

What do you do when you're speeding down the highway and your toddler throws up in his car seat?

When you're a freewheeling single and the car breaks down on the thoroughfare, you're about to embark on an adventure (but that's another website).

When you've got a car full of 4-year-olds, you're about to encounter deep doo-doo. There's nothing the least bit adventurous about it.

Instead, it's time to shift into crisis-management mode. If you're prepared for all these situations, you and the carload of kids with you will be moving again in no time. Getting started organizing life in the family car starts here.

Coming Clean

With work, kids, and leisure pursuits all competing for your attention, cleaning house understandably may not be your priority. 

Still, if you're like most people, you consider a reasonably clean home to be one of life's essentials.

So with limited time available, why devote any more of it to cleaning than is absolutely necessary?

Even if you abhor a vacuum (or a broom or a mop), you can do it right - and fast.

These cleaning tips can help you quickly buff your way through every room in your house - and get the kids to pitch in, too.

Great Garages

By its very nature, a garage is a no man's land. 

Garages aren't exactly part of the house, but they're not outdoors, either.

As a result, this transitional area can become junky in a heartbeat.  Even when someone does take responsibility for the garage, it is out of sight, out of mind.

The good news is that the garage can meet most of your needs if you organize it correctly.

Here's how to tackle the dirty job of cleaning and organizing your garage, with a little help from your family.

Home Maintenance

You know what they say about that ounce of prevention. If you ignore the advice and overlook home maintenance, the pound of cure can set back hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Sooner or later, a neglected roof will leak. A furnace overworked from clogged air filters will need an expensive overhaul.

And that leaky window will lead to dry rot in your house's framework and walls, necessitating a lot expensive structural and esthetic repairs.

Prevention, in the form of maintenance tackled throughout the year, is the best way to keep these common household ills at bay.

When little things do go wrong, knowing how to take care of them quickly means that you'll spend less time waiting for repair people to make an expensive appearance.

Read these home maintenance tips to get started.

Lightening the Laundry Load

Got kids? Then you've got laundry. Piles and piles of it.

With school uniforms, sports clothes, play clothes, and everyone's bed linens and towels, your home probably often resembles a laundromat, with both machines humming and a half-dozen or so loads waiting for their turn.

It's hard enough to keep up with laundry load, let alone the latest fabrics and their special care.

As a result, the laundry basket eternally runneth over, and no one ever seems to have the right thing to wear.

Think it's time to throw in the towel? Not a chance. I'm too tough for that. And you are, too.

Consider this page Laundry 101 with a modern twist: a little help from the kids.

Getting Organized: A Home for Everything

It seems as if most homes aren't built with enough places to hold our growing piles of belongings.

 If you've ever sat down to pay bills at a cluttered desk or frantically searched for a sweater in a bulging closet, you know how frustrating it can be to have too little space for the things you use.

But even if you could snap your fingers and make another closet appear, more space isn't the answer.

Without a system of organization, even the largest home would fill up over time.

The logical solution is to get rid of what you don't need - and create storage space for what you do.

By finding ways to keep clutter in check, you'll free up more time and space to enjoy the things you have. Get started creating an organized home.

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