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backyard family living

Housework, of course, does not stop at the house. While the indoor traffic may have slowed to a near stop (at least by day), once spring arrives, it's rush hour on patios, flower beds, and lawns.

Yet tidying up around the outside of the house is not a top priority. After all, planning gardens and pool parties is a lot more fun than preparing the yard and garden before them.

But since a summer-fresh outdoor area is a necessary part of making the fun stuff really fun, why not get the kids to pitch in outside as well as in? And maybe teach them a thing or three about how things grow?

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Tara Aronson

Tara Aronson is a native Californian. Having grown up in San Diego, she studied journalism and Spanish to pursue a career in newspaper writing. Tara, whose three children - Chris, Lyndsay, and Payne - are the light of her life, now lives and writes in Los Angeles. She also regularly appears on television news programs throughout the U.S.