Simplify House Cleaning and Organization 
How to Make Your Home Work With Less Housework

There's nothing complicated about house cleaning that creates an inviting, efficient, and well-run home. It doesn't take endless house cleaning hours with a mop and bucket in hand - or some advanced degree in building maintenance - to keep an organized home and the various systems inside running smoothly.

Whether your goal is to save time housecleaning, stretch the household budget, or make running a home less stressful, you've come to the right place. 

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With work, kids, and leisure pursuits all competing for your attention, house cleaning understandably may not be the highest priority. Still, if you're like most people, you consider a reasonably clean home and not having piles of laundry to be not only a goal but essential to your peace of mind.

If you are struggling with house cleaning (you're normal!), you don't have to throw in the towel - I've got lots of house cleaning tips to help get even the deep cleaning done. 

Why Involve The Family In House Cleaning?

Central to my housekeeping strategy is organizing the entire home - room by room - around the needs of every member of the family. 

After all, the reason most homes look war-torn is that rooms haven't been set up for daily living by parents and kids. To make matters worse, often one adult - usually Mom - has sole responsibility for home cleaning and organizing all the details (which is why moms sometimes get that funny, shell-shocked look around 7 p.m.).

This website helps you (the generals) not only keep your home running smoothly, but it also shows you how to enlist even the littlest privates in the home cleaning.

You'll find there will be room for every drawing, school paper, and test that arrives each day - and even the littlest privates will know where that is.

The wild carpool routine will be tamed. The family plan for buffing surfaces will be in place. And surprise visits from friends won't be dreaded. Even the most domestically challenged will be ready in a flash to host unexpected in-laws overnight. 

In short: World War III will be averted, Mom won't be cranky anymore, and the family will have a clean, happy, harmonious home to enjoy.  

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