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coming clean

If you're like most people, you consider a reasonably clean home to be one of life's essentials.

 So with limited time available, why devote any more of it to a house cleaning schedule than is necessary?

You can get the essential chores on your cleaning list done each week, and still have time to savor your weekends.

Part of the secret lies in breaking down your house cleaning schedule into smaller, more manageable tasks. The rest of the secret lies in enlisting everyone in the family to help clean the home.

Having the troops pitch in is an essential part of getting it all done in the allotted time.

Give every member of your family a cleaning list. And if the results aren't perfect, well, that's just the way things are. Let them be.

Sharing the load is as important for others as it is for you. If you've found that you're always doing all the work yourself, then the time has come to pass the mop. If you regularly pick up after your children, they won't learn the necessary cleaning skills they'll need as adults.

Coming Clean: Solutions & strategies

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