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coming clean

How to Make Short Work of Housecleaning

What is it about housecleaning that can send even the most energetic and efficient of souls ducking for cover?

If you'd rather visit the dentist than do battle with dirt, you're not alone. 

If you cringe at the thought of tackling the mildew in the shower, chasing dust bunnies around the living room, or washing the grimy refrigerator shelves, you have a lot of company.

The squeaky-clean truth is that most of us would prefer to do just about anything rather than take on the dirty jobs around the home.

Mom probably taught you the basics of housecleaning, and many of her techniques are still the most efficient today: Pick up clutter before you clean. Dust from top to bottom. Wipe up spills as soon as they happen. But things have changed a lot since you and your mom shared quarters.

There are many new specialty surfaces in today's home, and there is such a confusing array of specialized cleaning products on the market that it often seems easier to use the old tools and methods - or put off the job altogether. 

Nevertheless, it's time to come clean. But how? The articles, tips, techniques, and grime-fighting hints below can help. 

Cleaning Surfaces and Routines

Cleaning With Kids

Carpet & Floor Cleaning

Seasonal & Holiday 

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