Summer House Cleaning Hacks

Organized living room shelves.

Summer house cleaning hacks. So, you didn't quite get around to that spring cleaning, did you? Relax.

Summer is a season for second chances, and you can still do some necessary buffing now to make your house cleaning routine a breeze this summer.

Besides being more comfortable, a summer-fresh home will need less attention to stay presentable in the weeks ahead, giving you more time to spend outdoors with friends and family.

These summer house cleaning hacks can help to simplify your summer.

Summer House Cleaning Hacks

  • Stop sand and dirt at the door. Have family members remove sandals and wet thongs before entering.
  • Clear closets of winter clothes. Bundle up bulky sweaters and wool trousers and stash them beneath your bed. Or rotate the cool-weather garments to the back of your closet and drawers and place the seasonal brights front and center. No more frustrating and time-consuming searches for those cool linen shorts.
  • Erase reminders of winter and spring. Remove such wet-weather reminders as fireplace tools, wool throws, and umbrella cans. Replace them with carefree reminders of summer: fresh flowers; lightweight, colorful pillows; straw and sun hats hung on Shaker-style wall pegs or a simple coat rack.
  • Cool it on clutter. Clear off shelves and tables. Less stuff means there's less to dust - and more time to spend outside with friends and family.
  • Become a speed cleaner. Break down big jobs into small manageable tasks, and tackle them day by day to save time. Clean the microwave Monday and the toilet Tuesday, mop the floors Wednesday and tackle the tub Thursday. By Friday, your significant target areas - the kitchen and bathroom - are nearly done. Spend a few minutes on surface duty, and your home is clean, and the long lazy weekend ahead is yours.
  • Make sunnier arrangements. Move the sofa and chairs away from the wall or fireplace and toward the window, then arrange them no more than 10 feet apart around the sunny spot to maximize the casual, intimate feel of summer living. 
  • To air out is divine. Show stale winter smells an easy exit by opening windows and letting the fresh scent of summer take over.
  • Easy summer face-lifts. Forget fancy; summer is made for simplicity. Give your bathroom or living room a natural look by filling a pretty glass bowl with seashells or fresh lemons; place it beside the sink or on a coffee table. Freshen your kitchen or dining room with mason jars or simple white pitchers spilling with bright summer flowers.
  • Be happy! No time to keep up appearances? Set aside a little time as the sun sets each evening to return the day's misplaced items to their proper locations. A home with everything in its place looks cleaner - even if you haven't dusted since Easter!

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