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Cleaning and Organizing the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. And all too often, its arteries get clogged with kid stuff and parent stuff, not to mention big bodies, little bodies, and animal bodies everywhere.

The kitchen is also the room where everyone congregates, and, consequently, it's usually one of the messiest rooms in the house.

Yet it's also the place where we gather at the end of each day (as often as we can, anyway) to break bread, wind down, and refuel. 

It's these activities, especially that require an elevated level of cleanliness. Unfortunately, the kitchen is also often one of the dirtiest rooms in the house. Because the kitchen is usually the family entry point - it's the first place we track in and deposit a day's worth of dirt. In other words, the floor's mess. And the kitchen sink isn't any better. 

Sure, it looks pretty good. But that seemingly clean place where we rinse vegetables has been called one of the most germ-laden areas of the home. Researchers at the University of Arizona studied 14 areas in the kitchen and bath for germ count.

The top 5 germiest areas were in the kitchen. Ready for this? The toilet seat came up dead last on the germ scale. Ugh. Don't fight it; organize it and clean it! Here's how.

Kitchen Cleaning & Maintenance

Organizing & Decor

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