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about tara garner

Hi, I'm Tara. I'm delighted to announce the July 15, 2021 release of my third book:

The Clean Freak Manifesto covers everything you need to know in order to keep your entire home truly sanitized and healthy amid the ever-changing world of viruses and bacteria. So stop panic-cleaning with bleach when someone suddenly gets sick or the headlines discover a new health threat. Instead, get prepared now with sensible steps that will work hard for your household all year round.

- Discover the hot spots where germs lurk―so you can target your efforts

- Understand the difference between cleaning and disinfecting―and the common mistakes that leave us unprotected - Get cleaning secrets for tough places―from electronics to the laundry room

- Find shortcuts and natural cleaners that give you options to meet your needs - Stay protected on the go and keep germs from entering your home with sanitizing strategies for the workplace, errands, takeout and deliveries, and travel

- Save money with easy DIY disinfecting solutions and tips for buying the most effective commercial cleaners

With The Clean Freak Manifesto you’ll feel smart, prepared, and safe as your germ anxiety eases and you take control!

How I got started Writing about Cleaning

I am a mom of three and the author of Mrs. Clean Jean's Housekeeping with Kids: Family Pickup Lines (and Household Routines) That Work with Less Work from You and Simplify your household (Simpler Life Series), and the Clean Freak Manifesto: The Germaphobe's Guide to Sanitizing Everything in Your Home, in bookstores June 2021.

Writing for the San Francisco Chronicle's Home Section about cleaning problems and solutions, home design innovations, and maintenance quick-fixes, I was privileged to be able to ask the 'dumb' questions we all want to ask of the home cleaning and organizing experts. 

I heard it all from some of the cleaning and organizing industry's top experts - and frequently, those experts' opinions differed. Being naturally curious as I am, I went home and put the experts' various strategies and techniques to the test to find out who knew their stuff.

Often, I found a combination of the experts' techniques to be the most effective solution. The result: I learned quite a bit from the hands-on testing of the various experts' advice, and two new monthly newspaper columns were born:  "Coming Clean" and "Quick Fixes."

"Coming Clean" was among the Home Section's most popular columns. "Mrs. Clean Jeans' Housekeeping with Kids" quickly followed my first book, "Simplify Your Household."

I live, write, and continue to explore cleaning and organizing tips, techniques, and strategies in Santa Monica, California. My never-ending quest for effective cleaning, organizing, and laundry techniques, strategies provides plenty of continuing fodder for this blog. 

My goals remain the same: to have a clean, organized, home and life so that I can enjoy life outside it with my family and friends as often as possible. 

In the ensuing years, I've been asked to share my cleaning, organizing, and family life strategies on news and feature programs across the U.S. I've posted a few of them below, the most recent of which is from March 2019 in New York City.

TV Appearances