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march house cleaning checklist

It's time to get our homes ready for spring!

With spring comes the rite of seasonal home care passage known as spring cleaning. 

Get a jump on the jobs with March house cleaning checklist.

Here are10 things to include in your monthly cleaning and preventive maintenance schedule this month.

  1  A clean, well-lighted place...

A clean, well-lighted place begins with clean light fixtures. Clean ceiling fixtures, lamps, sconces; anything that has a bulb.

  2  And while you're up there...

And while you're up there, make sure your March house cleaning checklist includes cleaning the fan blades of built-up dust, too.

  3  Floor show:

Clean hardwood floors, tile floors, linoleum, and other floor surfaces and seal. (Hire a professional for the latter.)

  4  And while you're at it...

And while you're at it, call the pros to schedule a carpet cleaning service, too.

  5  Think small:

Think small. Think small appliances.

Think "clean small appliances."  Tackle the toaster, the toaster oven, the microwave - and show them who’s boss.

  6  Home office help:

Get a jump on the tax man. Use this month to clean out your office drawers and files and surprise your accountant with all your receipts for a change. Consider organizing your paperwork more efficiently, so this task will be easier next year.

  7   Does not compute?

Does not compute? Maybe it needs cleaning. Clean your computer, keyboard, and mouse. And while you’re at it, tackle your all-in-one printer, too.

  8   Paper chase:

Clean out all those extra books, magazines, papers, etc. Recycle, resell, or donate them. Here's how to get your home paperwork organized.

  9   Goodbye till next year:

Put winter clothes, ski clothes, sweaters, etc. into storage. This is also an excellent opportunity to reorganize your clothes. 

  10   Presto change-o: Your final March house cleaning checklist task:

Presto change-o: And the “coat closet” becomes the “sweater closet.” Clean out the entry closet to make room for the new season’s outerwear.

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