march house cleaning checklist

March House Cleaning Checklist:10 things to include in your monthly cleaning and home preventive maintenance schedule this month.

While some cleaning chores need to be done weekly, others monthly, and still others seasonally or just once a year. I've found it's easier to schedule all these housecleaning tasks monthly so nothing gets missed or overlooked.

Here's the March housecleaning and preventative home maintenance schedule that has worked best for me.

  1.  A Clean, Well-Lighted Place...

Begins with clean light fixtures. Clean ceiling fixtures, lamps, sconces, anything that has a bulb.

  2.  And While You're Up There...

Clean the fan blades.

  3.  Floor Show

Clean hardwood floors, tile floors, linoleum, and other floor surfaces and seal. (Hire a professional for this.)

  4.  And While You're at It...

Call the pros in a carpet cleaning service to do the carpets, too.

  5.  Think Small

Think small appliance. Think "clean small appliance."  Tackle the toaster, the toaster oven, the microwave, and show them who’s boss.

  6.  Home Office Help

Get a jump on the taxman. Use this month to clean out your office drawers and files and surprise your accountant with all your receipts for a change. Consider organizing your paperwork more efficiently so this task will be easier next year.

  7.  Does Not Compute?

Maybe it needs cleaning. Clean your computer, keyboard and mouse. And while you’re at it, tackle your all-in-one printer, too.

  8.  Paper Chase

Clean out all extra books, magazines, papers, etc. Recycle, resell or donate. Here's how to get your home paperwork organized.

  9.  Goodbye Till Next Year:

Put away winter clothes, ski clothes, sweaters, etc. and into storage. This is also a great opportunity to reorganize your closet. 

  10.  Presto Change-o: Your Final March House Cleaning Checklist Chore

And the “coat closet” becomes the “sweater closet.” Clean out the entry closet to make room for the new season’s outerwear.

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