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july house cleaning checklist

July house cleaning checklist.

Some housecleaning tasks only need to be done once or twice a year.

The problem is, we forget to do those house cleaning tasks once or twice a year.

The best plan, instead, is to break down annual cleaning and home maintenance tasks by month and then tackle them regularly.

Here's the July house cleaning checklist that works best for me.

  1   Hold a garage sale:

The best way to entice your out-of-school kids to help clean the garage is to promise them a garage sale.

They can sell anything they don’t want to keep. And they can spend the proceeds anyway they like. This can help jumpstart your July house cleaning checklist.

  2   So long, Buzz:

This is a perfect time to clean out toy boxes and closets. Garage sales provide a tremendous decluttering incentive.

  3   Reorganize the survivors:

Help the kids find toy storage solutions that organize the remaining toys into easy to find categories.

Put all the Lego stuff together in one bin; all the American Girl dolls and accessories in another. Board games get a special place, too. Now when the kids want to play, they only need to haul out one box.

  4   Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

Clean mirrors, prints, artwork, photographs, shelves … anything that hangs on the wall. These tips for making glass, windows and lighting fixtures sparkling clean can help.

  5   De-fur the furniture:

Does Puff always plop on the chenille sofa? Yeah, we could tell. Remove excess fluff with a fur removal kit for furniture.

  6   Getting in on the ground floor:

Enlist your youngest child to clean the baseboards and walls.  Just stick a white sock on her hand and send her on her way. She is the closest to the floor, after all.

  7   Baby, it's light outside!

Clean outdoor lighting fixtures. Replace dim bulbs.

  8   Sanitize pet areas:

How long has it been since you took a little Clorox to the hamster’s cage?

Team up with the kids and help them clean pet cages, beds, bedding, dishes, litter boxes, etc. Better yet: consider a self-cleaning litter box. Your house should look cleaner. And smell better, too.

  9   Save your energy:

Summer air conditioning puts additional strain on our energy bill, so try to save power in other areas.

  • Vacuum under and behind the refrigerator to make it run more efficiently.

  10   How old are those olives? The final July house cleaning checklist task.

Clean the refrigerator and get rid of old condiments, dressings, etc. Nothing lasts forever – not even mustard. Really. (Check out the Food Shelf Life Guide if you're unsure.)

Now, relax, and savor the pleasures of July! 

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