may house cleaning checklist

Some home maintenance and cleaning tasks need to be done once or twice a year. The problem is, we forget to do them once or twice a year.

Or else, we tend to save it all for spring cleaning. And then that doesn't happen, either. Instead, try breaking down annual, monthly chores into a monthly cleaning checklist.

Here is the May house cleaning checklist that works best for me. 

  1.  Think Alfresco House Cleaning

Clean patio furniture and umbrella.

  2.  Step On It

Clean doormats – or invest in new ones.

  3.  Duct Calls

Clean air conditioner and/or heating ducts; change filters.

  4.  Monthly Cleaning Chill Time

If you have a window unit, make sure the air conditioner is debris free. Dust or vacuum vents.

  5.  Sunshine Cleaning

Clean the laundry room. And clean the washing machine while you’re at it by running an empty load on “hot” with a cup of chlorine bleach.

  6.  Ducts Redux

Clean dryer ducts. Many home fires each year are caused by lint accumulating here.

  7.  No Excuses

Clean the charcoal grill or gas grill so there's no reason not to cook outside.

  8.  Power Play

Power wash the patio and/or deck. Seal the wood, if necessary.

  9.  Taking Sides

Clean the exterior wall sidings with a hose. Wash off cobwebs, dirt, etc.

  10.  Nitty Gritty: Your Final May House Cleaning Checklist Chore

Mold or mildew on the walls? Scrub it off with a solution of diluted chlorine bleach, water and laundry detergent. 

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