February House Cleaning Checklist

February house cleaning checklist: Some tasks only need to be done once or twice a year. The problem is that we forget to do them once or twice a year.

Or else we save it all for spring cleaning, which makes spring cleaning such a daunting chore that it doesn't occur, either.

I've found the best plan is to break down annual and seasonal chores by month and tackle them daily or weekly. Nothing gets too backed up, and things eventually get done.

I've also found that concentrating on one room or area each month is more rewarding as you can see the results.

Here's the February house cleaning checklist schedule that works best for me, for you to try in your home this month.

1.  Embrace the Nesting Instinct:

Embrace the nesting instinct: Clean all bed linens: including comforters, duvets, bed skirts, pillows, etc. Launder what you can; dry-clean the rest.

2.  The Spin Cycle:

Don't forget the bed linen toppers: Fluff up pillows with a short spin in the dryer (no heat, please).

3.  Linens and Things:

This is an excellent time to clean out your linen closet. Rotate rarely-used linens and towels to the front lines. Launder everything.

4.  On the Flip Side:

On the flip side, turn the mattresses for even wear. And vacuum each side for a couple of minutes while you're there. 

5.  Shelf Life:

Clean bookshelves. Take everything down from bookshelves and dust. Now consider very carefully what you return to the shelves.

Does it deserve to be there? Or would it be happier in a second-hand bookstore? 

6.  By the Book:

Vacuum each book before you reshelve it, using the vacuum cleaner's soft brush attachment.

7.  The Clean Air Act:

The clean air act: replace the filter in your heating unit or furnace. It's essential to maintaining fresh, clean air inside your home.

8.  Up Against the Wall:

Check walls for nail holes, blemishes, and scuffs, and fix an inexpensive wall hole yourself with an inexpensive repair kit as needed. (Read up on How to Fix a Wall Hole here.)

9.  Final February House Cleaning Checklist Chore: Heavy Thoughts.

Get your beefy significant other to help you move all the large appliances away from the walls so you can vacuum behind and underneath them. Don't forget to change the water filter for the fridge while you're back there. 

The February house cleaning checklist is complete. Fabulous February is now all yours to enjoy!

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