how to fix a wall hole

If you've recently rearranged the family portraits on the living room wall, or perhaps reorganized the shelving in your home office, chances are you have a wall or two that is less than picture-perfect. 

Yes, you could always just hang something over the wall holes to hide them from sight.

But you can patch small holes in drywall or plaster them almost as easily yourself.

Here's how to fix a wall hole. No carpenter experience required.

The Steps Needed to Fix a Wall Hole

To fix a wall hole, start by vacuuming away any loose plaster, paint chips, or dust from the wall hole.

Using a putty knife, fill the hole with a pre-mixed spackling compound and smooth it level with the surface of the wall.

Let the compound dry thoroughly - a few hours or overnight. Then smooth the area with a damp sponge to remove any debris. Finally, paint over the spackled area to match the color of your wall.

If the hole is deep, the spackling compound will shrink slightly when dry, and a second application may be needed to make the hole smooth and even with the rest of the wall surface.

A Painting Shortcut

A shortcut: If you have leftover latex paint that matches the wall, add a small amount of paint to the premixed spackling compound.

If done carefully, the patch may blend in well enough to require no further sanding or painting. This works only on small holes, such as those caused by picture hooks.

A larger, deeper perforation may require two applications of the spackling compound; sanding after each application has dried; and touch ups after with paint. Get tips for cleaning walls.

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