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ant problem? 3 natural pest control solutions that can help

An ant problem is frustrating. You want to get rid of ants - stat! But how?

You don't want to take any chances with your family's health and are understandably reluctant to call an exterminator for pest control.

Choosing a less toxic remedy to get rid of ants is the best pest control method if you have children and pets at home.

Here are three practical, non-toxic pest control methods that can get rid of the ants while keeping your family safe.

Get Rid of Ants Using Peppermint Soap

3 natural solutions for an ant problem at homeStop ants in their tracks with peppermint soap.
Peppermint soap is a natural way to get rid of ants. To create, mix 3 tablespoons peppermint soap bar shavings and 16 ounces of water.

Spray peppermint soap shavings mixed in water from a squirt bottle directly on the little marchers to get rid of ants. 

Wipe up any lingering incentive for followers by removing all traces of ants with damp paper towels.

  Use a Boric Acid Bait for Pest Control

Lay down boric acid baits for indoor ant control. These baits work well using a minimum of insecticide.

The biggest pest control plus here is that boric acid baits are also effective at eliminating the ringleader of an ant problem: the scout. (That's the one leading the pack to your food and water.)

  Solve an Ant Problem with Diatomaceous Earth

Powder wall cracks and baseboards with Diatomaceous Earth. It's a non-toxic, insect-repelling dust that will send the annoying army marching elsewhere.

Pest Control Methods to Stop An Ant Invasion Before It Starts

  • Keep your home clean and dry as a preventative pest control strategy. Insects need both food and water to live inside your home.
  • Keep garbage cans inside your home clean. Seal tightly to prevent insect infiltration.
  • Seal wall cracks with caulk. Weather-strip doors and windows to seal out insects.
  • Create a barrier around pet food dishes. Fill a shallow, wide container - such as a cereal bowl - half full of soapy water, then place the cat food dishes inside.

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