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october house cleaning checklist

Some housecleaning and home maintenance chores need to be done monthly. Others seasonally.

And still others just once a year.

The problem is, we often don't get to them, or else we add them all to our spring cleaning list.

And that doesn't happen, either.

A better way: spread all the housecleaning and home maintenance tasks out over 12 months. Here's the October house cleaning checklist that works best for fall cleaning.

1.    Fall cleaning seasonal view:

Clean your windows before winter sets in.

2.    Cold cure:

Caulk around windows to keep the warm air in and the cold air out.

Not only will you be more comfortable, but you'll save on energy bills, too. 

3.    Second line of fall cleaning defense:

Put up storm windows and doors.

4.    And finally...

Get started preparing your home for the chilly winter season ahead.

Fall is the perfect time to begin thinking about  winterizing your house.

5.    Help with the hose:

Get the kids to help you drain and Store the garden hose .

6.    Fall cleaning closet case:

Tidy up closets and store summer clothes.

7.    Holiday prep 101:

Launder and iron holiday linens. Now is the time to begin preparing for holiday entertaining.

8.    Holiday prep 102:

Clean crystal, china, and silver.

9.    If it's time to set the clocks back...

It’s time to change smoke alarm batteries.

10.    Top brass: Shining up is your final October house cleaning checklist chore.

Shine up brass doorknobs and other metallic objects.

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