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august house cleaning checklist

Some tasks only need to be done once or twice a year. The problem is that we forget to do them once or twice a year. 

Or else we save them all for spring cleaning, which makes spring cleaning such a daunting chore that it doesn’t occur, either.

I’ve found the best plan is to break down annual and seasonal tasks by month and tackle them on a daily or weekly basis. 

Nothing gets too backed up, and things eventually get done. I’ve also found that concentrating on one room or area each month is more rewarding because you can see the results. Here’s the August house cleaning checklist that works best for me.

1.  Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines:

Start your August house cleaning checklist by getting ready for the carpool season by detailing and servicing the car.

At least you’ll start the school year looking good!

2.  Play ball!

Or rather, clean ball using a sports equipment cleaner. In fact, clean all your sports equipment and put it away in the proper place. 

Time is going to be tight in the months ahead.

3.  To air is human:

Open up all the windows - and clean them while you're there. Refresh your house one last time before closing up shop for winter.

4.  Nooks and crannies:

Give your big and little ones a cob web duster or broom and send them on cobweb hunts around the patio, into the garage, and up in the attic if you're feeling particularly brave.

When the last cobweb has been demolished, take the tykes and the teens (and those in between) to a movie or out for a cool treat.

5.  Clean cleaning equipment:

Mops, brooms, buckets, vacuum cleaners all get dirty, too.

Replace heads on mops (and perhaps the mops themselves), replace brooms altogether, scrub buckets, and service the vacuum cleaner.

Now that should work a little better.

6.  Oh, rubbish!

Clean trashcans, recycling cans, and the trash compactor, using a trash can cleaner and deodorizer. It's incredible how quickly they get dirty and smelly.

7.  Special delivery:

Touch up the mailbox with a coat of fresh paint. Get fancy if you fancy. Or call in the resident artist to jazz up the residence letterbox.

8.  Door of opportunity:

Repaint the front door while you have the brush out. At the very least, give it a seasonal bath.

9.  Who ya gonna call?

Who ya gonna call? An exterminating company to make sure your home goes into the winter pest-free. Or get the environmentally friendly alternatives you prefer and set up shop in and around your home. 

10.  Hot enough for ya? Your final August house cleaning checklist chore:

Get your heating system checked to make sure there are no leaks and no unpleasant surprises when cold weather sets in.  

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